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what do you do all day?

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ok it's friggin FREEZING here lately and i'm reeeeeally hard pressed to find things to do with both kiddos, keeping in mind that ava's usually pissed off and screaming. LOL!!!
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funny thing is... i have no idea!
seems i spend my days nursing, trying to get ds to nap so that i can nap... a bit of laundry here and there (at least 1 load per day) and trying to cook something with ds in the wrap. oh, and we try to get out for an hour walk everyday (it's really cold here, too, we just bundle up really well!). i know this will be no help to you... since i only have 1 and i'm definitely not at a loss for how to fill my time - i wish i had more of it! but it is an interesting question and one i often ask myself! lol!
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Try to prevent too much : between Mikayla and Jimmy.

You get the idea. Oh and M,W,F take Mikayla to preschool for 3 hours. Those are our big "excursions". Dropping her off and picking her up.
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Currently I'm deflating the boobs (nurse 1 side, pump the other) so I can go running. 2 layers, hat, gloves, Robees + fleece blanket + wind/rain guard on the stroller is how I get out (28 F right now).

I'm also working several hours a day while ds nurses or naps.

Laundry takes the rest of my time.
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I feel like most of the time I am in total chicken-with-the-head-cut-off mode. Jumping from one thing to the next leaving utter chaos in my path.

Trying not to feel guilty about not giving Daniel the attention he needs while I'm spending all this baby time with Kali. Trying to get him down for a nap while the baby is asleep (that's another thread), madly trying to pick up and sweep up and mop up the spills and crumbs that are everywhere, trying to get myself and everybody else fed and clean, tending to DS on the potty while the baby starts crying because she too need to pee, going to the dipe room to retrieve a diaper to change her with because I missed her pee while DS was on the potty, dumping innummerable potties of pee in the toilet, trying to divert DS from yet another episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, hanging up wet clean diapers on the line and trying to remember to close the shades so we don't get in trouble with building management when our neighbors complain they can see our laundry in the window (ACK!!!), trying to keep DS from waking up the baby when she is sleeping....etc. etc. etc. In the midst of that I am trying (not always successfully) to get outside at least once a day for a walk - not easy with the bitter winter wind coming off the lake - and get a least a little knitting done to maintain my sanity. Oh yes, and doing all the dishes from the dinner the night before. That can often take all day.

Gosh, this sounds ridiculous reading it but it is really what I do. Repeatedly. Oh yes, and I do manage to spend an inordinate time online (here) - probably trying to tune out the chaos for a moment or two.
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ok so i'm totally normal then. i imagined you all going to fantastically fun places, doing great educational excursions with your older kiddos while your babies nap peacefully and coo and smile. LMAO!!!
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I mostly try to stay sane... Amalie is totally out of control lately and really trying my patience. I keep telling myself it's just a phase, but it's a damned rough one. She used to love going out pretty much anywhere, but these days she finds something to be unhappy about the whole time - and let me tell ya, when this kid whines, it's an Oscar performance. The park is still a safe bet so we do try to go there as often as possible. She mostly gave up naps when I weaned her - sometimes she will still take one if she falls asleep in the middle of playing. I find her sleeping in some extremely weird places.

Other than that I just try to keep up with the cooking and miscellaneous house stuff, in between tons of nursing and diaper changes... at least Moira is a mellow baby. The upside is that Amalie actually loves 'helping' with household stuff. I have a hard time doing much with Moira in a carrier right now, I always did with Amalie also until she was big enough for back carries (I think I have short arms...). But she does take a couple of good naps a day, in my bed or now in the lounger/rocker we just got for her yesterday.
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Oh lordy, Michele, what a question! I'm like Linda a lot. Minus the peepee.
My BIL came down from Canada for a week and he is shocked at how much attention the kids demand from me. Luckily he's been helping my DD with her math because she's FAILING school, the public school she decided she wanted to go to against every grain in my belief system! Yeah, going insane.

I work (at home) in the afternoons and on weekends, sometimes in the evening if I'm not exhausted. I have the option of putting my 2 yr old in my husband's company daycare/preschool 2 days per week starting in March, and sometimes on hard days I'm all for it. :P

2 yr old is laying on me right now saying, "Hug mommie" and being too cute. Guess my break is over. LOL
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DS is almost 2 months old and I still can't seem to get anything done. He nurses all the time during the day. due to my huge boobs i can't really nurse hands free in a sling... He also doesn't really take naps during the day -- unless I just don't know how to put him down right... If I do one thing a day (visit with friends, cook a basic meal--forget about housework) it feels like a major accomplishment. So mainly I hang out reading, watching DVDs, or online.

Anyway I'm starting to feel like a loser mom. I haven't lost an ounce of my pregnancy weight because I'm so inactive. I don't expect to be able to do a million things, but this seems excessive. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better...
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i'm like leah. i sit and nurse most of the day. reed still won't let me put him down and isn't keen on being worn all the time in the slings inside. plus, i run out of stuff to do that doesn't require me to be bending over all the time. i do get out for a long walk most days and run around the house for 15 minutes cleaning whenever he agrees to be in the pouch or while he's asleep after the walk. i wish i did more, but honestly, i'm enjoying the break too.
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Bash my head about the wall while stepping over toys and dishes
Really, I cook, clean, nurse, play games with toddler, read withbig kid, pick on my husband. Occasionally I geta shower or to brush my teeth even

Namaste, Tara (yeah, I know, I"m a Jan mom but I loved your DDC so much I felt like posting *grin*)
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luckily it isn't usually cold, (but when it is we are stuck in the two rtooms with heat) on the cold days we do a lot of reading, singing and i do a lot of laundry and fold it on the bed when the baby will elt me. we try to walk somewhere two or three times a week. yesterday was the library. long walk but lots of fun, took up half a day. nurse a lot, we are doing potty learning with big sister so that makes things interesting, and is making a lot more laundry. unfortunatley laundry is the hardest task b/c i cannot do laundry with josephine in a sling due to the narrowness of our laundry room (THE DRYER DOOR DOESN'T EVEN OPEN ALL THE WAY AND PREGNANT MY BELLY RUBBED AGAINST THE MACHINES) opps capslock. but she sleeps well so i do that while she lays down and sleeps (and yes i use a swing and let her sleep in that sometimes) and then mopping and stuff like that, preparing meals, crockery cooking can be done with her in the sling. but don't go thinking i am super mom, a good protion of the time i am just downright lazy. we jsut sit around and nurse and talk.

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Well, I'm being fantastically cultured and experiencing grand mind-opening experiences as I mother my new baby and three year old. I go to art museums, attend the opera, participate in volunteer work that enriches my life, cook gourmet meals for my family each and every day, and I wear skintight leather pants because I'm so thin and stiletto heels to emphasize my muscular calves that I got from working out for four hours a day every single day. So sorry that everyone else just nurses and picks up toddler mess all day...oh, wait, I AM HIGH FROM NEVER SLEEPING AND COMPLETELY INSANE FROM LISTENING TO MY KIDS HOLLER ALL DAY!!!! I do exactly what everyone else does, except I do less laundry and dishes and more saying, "Get down from the counter and quit taking your diaper off!"
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Thanks for the comic relief, Kathleen, I really needed it!!!
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: i actually took the kids to a musuem. i met up with another mdc mom friend of mine with a toddler and a newborn. (granyed i brought two of my sisters to help corral the toddlers, we wore the newborns, didn't discuss art but the kids really liked the broken stuff. (artifacts from 2000 years ago)

but listen u swear i'm not supermom. my house is a mess and i currently have thrre loads of clean clothes laying on my bed wwaiting to be folded ands one of my mom friends came over yesterday and said "it must be hard tp keep the house clean with two kids and a husband"....the bad part it was clean-ish for my house :


ps holding two kids right now excuse the typing.
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I sometimes send DS to the museum with a babysitter. But me go? That must have been in a different life. Oh, yes, sometimes when someone is here or the baby is sleeping, I lock myself in the bathroom and read a few pages of a magazine while DS keeps trying to open the door and the cat is meowing for me too. Then I dream about going shopping and wearing lipstick.
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i try to make sure ds1 gets his bus at 6:30, since its very difficult for me to take 2 kids to school. at 7, ds2 needs to wake up, eat breakfast and get himself dressed. this usually entails at least 30 minutes of argument over whether or not he's going to wear a long sleeve shirt to school (just a rule i have when the weater is below 30 degrees). at 8am i drive ds2 to school...that gives me an hour to nurse E, get him dressed and changed, and put something on that looks like i didnt sleep in it. Ethan and i usually get home around 9 from taking ds2 to school. i change him and nurse him, then try to get somethign for breakfast while he screams about it. we take a nap together around 10ish and i do laundry (either have to do the wash or fold or somethign). i may be lucky and get to vacuum and clean the kitchen from the morning.
around 1 i start getting Ethan ready for the drive to ds2's school...nurse, change, etc. we target to leave at 2...try to get errands done after the drive...if no errands we get home around 3....if we have errands, we get home later. ds1 is usually MIA until dinner time.
i refuse to start dinner until dh gets home b/c its impossible.
we dont get to bed until around 12 (Etha, dh and i). bedtime is another issue...ds2 is still learning to sleep in his own bed soi have to stay with him until he falls asleep....not an easy time if Ethan isnt happy at the time.
on days ds2 is w/ his dad, we hardly ever go out of the house.
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wow i cant even think

i normally take oliver to school then come home and collapse

mondays sh doesnt work so we try to do jobs, thursday is busy with dance classes then art classes for oliver.

what we do depends on tiredness - more tv when i am more tired, i have decided that having a chilled out relaxed mother is more important than making sure tv is kept to a minimum, so i do whatever i have to do to get through the day with a smile.

we do a bit of housework, play, feed the baby and just hang around mostly.

oscar doesnt like going out too much in the cold which is fine by me

we hate gping to the shops and do it as little as possible!

to be honest we hang around at home cuddling a lot and eating - the little oones seem happy and ds2 just came out of nappies so i figures happy!
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We go out to eat 2-3x a week, out to a movie every week or two, and grocery shopping every Tuesday night (Julian spends Tuesday and Saturday nights at his dad's, thank god!)
Tuesday from 11-1 we go to playgroup. Thursday from 10:30-1ish we go to another playgroup.
Tuesday night I have class from 4:30 to 7, and Wednesday from 5:30-8:15 (I take Luka with me in the sling). I also have two online classes, which I work on whenever something's due- usually a few hours every 2 weeks.
We've been to the park twice this week (gotta love weather in the 60s in February!)
We go over to friend's houses for playdates 1-2x a week.
We usually go visit my mom 30 minutes away or meet halfway for dinner every other week.
I clean the house and do laundry every day (gah! I never knew how fast it'd pile up with 2 kids!)
That's about it... I can't wait til summer for us to go to the park or pool every day.
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Originally Posted by hottmama
We go out to eat 2-3x a week, out to a movie every week or two, and grocery shopping every Tuesday night (Julian spends Tuesday and Saturday nights at his dad's, thank god!)...We've been to the park twice this week (gotta love weather in the 60s in February!)We go over to friend's houses for playdates 1-2x a week.
i want your life!! lol!
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