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i run kids to and from school all day (am K, 3rd and 8th). I move laundry all day. The kids help alot with house-dh is a firm believer of everyone doing their part (age appropriate). I feel pretty lucky to have so many helpful hands. I visit my parents 2-3 times a week in am until time to p/u K.I go on walks with a group of moms 2 days a week in am and have a breastfeeding support group meeting once a week-go for social as no prob w nursing I can't complain....i love being a SAHM. Wish it could last a whole year!
Maternity leave is awesome. not looking forward to work. hoping to find work just two days a week. Supposed to go back in march-12 hr shifts We'll se...
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me too!!!
i'd love to go out to eat more...but with rowan's gagging/puking issues, it's just too stressful.
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