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When your child did finally start sleeping through the night . . .

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Was it a gradual thing, or one night did they just stay asleep? (When I say sleeping through the night, I mean for the most part, not if they are sick, etc.) Did something change to facilitate it - i.e., the last tooth came in, weaning, moving to their own bed? Or did it just happen? How old were they? What were their sleep habits before they finally slept through?

I am asking because my almost 2 yo ds still wakes frequently, and I am clinging to this fantasy that any night he will just start sleeping better. And I am wondering how much of a fantasy this really is, or if in reality it has happened for others.

(I am posting this here, as I assume that parents with sleeping babies aren't frequenting the nightwaking forum all that often.)
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It was more or less all at once. It was directly related to night weaning.
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DS was 19 mos when I stopped giving him his nighttime ba-ba, and he slept through from then on (about 10 hours usually).
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Our 23 month dd started sleeping through the night at around 20 months and it was directly related to night weaning. Now, she sleeps all the way through the night once in a while and usually wakes only once at night. She goes right back to sleep with just a cuddle so we think that is just fine
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I'd like to know the answer to this to. . .

My DH 30+ doesn't sleep through the night, most nights, he's a night eater and this is when he spends some quality time with the fridge.

I sleep soundly through the night (oops slept soundly through the night pre-baby)

My DD wakes 2-3 times a night.
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It would happen once, then not for a couple days, then a few times more..over the course of about a week I think was when DD dropped a night feed and went 7 hours w/out nursing. That was when she was around...hmmm 2 or 3 months?

She's 6 months now, and the last couple of weeks she's been nursing alot at night b/c she is really teething hard. But since she and I barely awaken for night feeds, I don't consider it a problem. She is in bed, without actively waking, for about 10 or 11 hours a night. I think that qualifies, don't you?
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hmmmm, mine is 3.75 yrs old and i'll be sure to run right back here and let ya'll know the mintue she starts :
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Ok, I am lucky.

dd started to sleep through the night around 10 weeks old. We would wake her (yes, wake her) around 10-11 pm for what we called a nightcap. We would offer her food and most nights she would eat while mostly asleep and then fall back asleep in our arms.

We just stopped the nightcap this week as she was not seeming to care about it anymore. She now sleeps very well from 8pm-6am. I don't mind if she wakes me up in the night because it is so rare that I know it is important for her to get what she needs.
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When i was about three months pregnant with this baby (due soon) we started just allowing one nurse during the night (due to pain issues for me) and then he got used to "the brush off" (DS was 24 months about) after about a week and suddenly night weaned...and tah-dah! No more night waking! Now if I could just stop waking four times per night to pee I'd be set! Oh well, I'll have an infant again in a few weeks so what's the point!
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dd started sleeping through at 9 weeks when I decided the bassinet thing wasn't working and she came to bed with us full time. She sleeps 10-12 hours straight
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Same story as chiromom---and I'm also due in a few weeks. DS just wanted to start sleeping in his own bed when my sister gve him some cool soccer sheets!!! He'll be 3 in 2 weeks/
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my daughter was 11 months (or was it 15?)

ds#1, he slept through the night at around 4 months

ds#2, he slept through the night at 6 weeks.

They kinda just did it. dd needed a bit of nudging....she kinda fussed (NOT cio) for about 5-10 minutes, then would sleep soundly for 12 hours.
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DS turned two a month ago. We were purposely waiting for the last of his teeth to come in to begin night weaning so that we could eliminate this as a night waking cause.

Two weeks ago, one of his last two teeth broke through the surface. Simultaneaously, we started putting him down awake at night which to our surprise, he was quite ammenable to. The first night he only woke one time. It was like this for about a week. Then he had a couple of nights where he slept through to 6am and then went back to sleep for an hour! We have had a few nights of two wakings in the last several days and guess what, his last tooth is just about to break through... I think he's having some discomfort.

We haven't felt the need at this point to night-wean entirely but breaking that nurse to sleep pattern has made a huge difference in not only his night waking but his (and my!) quality of sleep... once his last tooth is in, we are going to decide whether or not we need to night wean entirely... if he keeps it at one a night, we may just let it lie so to speak.

Best of luck to you.
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Yeah, could you let me know too? My DSs sleep fairly well, but at least one of them wakes up probably 40% of nights. It is to the point where I don't even sleep well even on teh night sno one wakes up because I am anticipating someone waking, and so I am up every two hours. Iam exhausted. and just a teeny tiny eensy weensy (yeah, right!) bit jealous of people whose babes have been sleeping all night from a few months old!
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My son "slept thru the night" at 7 weeks meaning, having a snack at 11:30-midnight then sleeping till around 6:00-7:00 am. It happened pretty much all at once. The first time it happened I woke from a VERY sound sleep at around 7:15 am convinced he was dead since he had always woken 2-3 timesl at least, then looked over and he was just sound a sleep. Complete shock on my part. After that it was sporadic until about 12 weeks. He then consistantly slept around 8 hours gradually building until he slept anywhere from 6:30-7:30 pm until 6:30-7:30 am. At 18 months he is till on the same schedule he just naps less during the day now.

I actually posted awhile back about co-sleeping. My son co-slept for a long time but we eventually moved him slowly to his own room because it he was SO restless. After a few days in his own room (no resistance mind you, not a minute of fussyness since we took it slow) we missed him so much that we wanted to go back to co-sleeping. All our friends told us we were crazy and just being selfish since he was sleeping so well on his own. We were very torn since the only reason we wanted him to co-sleep at that point was for us. We ended up leaving him in his room and and have had a very peaceful sleeper since. I still miss him at night adn want him back in bed with us but the WOHM part of me sure appreciates the ZZZ's
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My dd is just over two and I'm thrilled when I get 4 hours straight! I've given up the dream of sleeping like I used to before I was a mom. One night when I was despairing of sleep it hit me that it will always be something! I will never ever sleep like I did before I was a mom. But they say as you get older you need less sleep ...
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You know, I used to think it was so easy to get kids to sleep, then M was born!!

A slept through at 7 weeks, from about 10-11 at night to 6-7am. And it only got better. Then about the time she hit 20 months it all fell to heck. Now it's hit or miss (shes 2.5).

M still isn't sleeping all night, although occasionally she does do a 5 hour stretch and I guess by the "books" that's considered "all night". Compared to A, it's not sleeping all night in our book! She's 6 mo. We wonder if when she finally does sleep all night it will last (since they are opposites!!!).
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My 5 yr old recently started sleeping pretty consistently through the night, but still wakes occasionally. I can say that in the last year I've gotten pretty good nights of sleep for the first time since my kids were born. They do sleep in their own beds though and never night wake if they are together or in with us. We just don't have a big enough bed to do this consistently.
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Wow - so many moms getting sleep! And so many not . . .

So it sounds like either the baby is a sleeper or isn't, and if they aren't (as in the case of my ds), nightweaning sometimes helps.

Like Embee said, I have been wanting to wait until all his teeth were in before trying any sort of nightweaning. I'm hoping that it's just not necessary. In fact, I would actually like to wake up briefly once during the night to cuddle and nurse. It's such a sweet time together. It's the frequent wakings and nursing sessions that last 30 minutes or more that wear me down.

I'll admit that plans on TTC babe #2 are temporarily on hold until we see how the next few months go. I am so tired most days that I can't imagine being pregnant as well. I needed to nap a lot during my first pregnancy. So not only do I want to get some sleep in general, but I'd like to start looking forward to our next little baby. (Plus, I've been too exhausted to even be in a romantic mood. Definitely hard to conceive when you can barely muster up the energy to kiss dh goodnight.)

The little angel is snoozing away right now. It's a good thing he's so darn cute . . .
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umm..never? My 2.5 year old still wakes up a few times though he's been night weaned for at least a year. He has had periods of weeks here and there during which he's slept through the night, but it's never been consistent. Will it ever?
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