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child support ?

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can the custodial parent have one particular county set up the child support collection and then go live in another county, even in another state? the non-custodial parent did not ever live in that county.
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I'm not sure what the details of your situation are, but DH's child support is through the county his ex USED TO live in.

In Florida, divorce and child support proceedings must go through the county that the RESPONDENT lives in. Therefore, since DH filed, he had to file in the county his ex lived in. Even though she has since moved to a different county, the child support is still through that county. We attempted to change it because this particular county is a royal pain, but that would have been a whole other rigamarole and I believe she had to agree to it. I assume that even if she moved out of state, that wouldn't change where the child support case was held - unless someone petitioned to change it.
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Dh had a short-lived " relationship"with this woman shortly before I met him.
The child was born in the county they were both residing in at the time of the "relationship". she moved a couple hours away soon after the baby was born and filed for child support in that county.
She has since moved quite a few times and even to a different state. but the origional county is still collecting the child support.

I asked because Dh got behind on his child support by only a few months and this particular county threathened to send him to jail pretty much right away.(this is the first time in nearly 13yrs he got behind with this particular kid).
the other county that collects child support from him (for another kid) was not nearly this hasty, in fact they were pretty decent about it. He called them both right away to tell them right away about his job loss. One was willing to work with him, the other one would not.

Good news is he got a job! starts tomorrow.
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My dh's ex briefly moved to another state and child support continued to be payed to through that state in which the orders originated.
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