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dry at night?

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Dd is 3 in march- she is out of nappies in the day but still wears one at night. How old are they when they are dry at night- her nappy is really wet in the morning- my neighbour mentionned about waking your kid up to go to the toilet, but think if I have to wake her to go to the toilet that 1) I think it's cruel to wake them and 2)she would probably be awake for hours after. I am in no rush, and won't push her, but are there ways to know when the time is right, and ways to encourage. She used to wear cloth, but has been wearing disps at night for a while now.

Also just recently she has had loads of 'accidents' at home pooing on the floor and weeing on the floor. I am soon taking her to visit her little friend for a birthday party- she has terminal cancer, and I don't want J having an accident in her fairly sterile home (due to chemo) so do I make her wear a nappy for the party, or trainer pants with plastic pants (will this contain a whole wee?) Will this set her back?
TIA xxx
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To help ds1 when he was smaller with bedwetting I would limit his fluids in the early evening and stop them an hour before bedtime. And ofcourse make sure he peed before he went to bed.
"I" would try to wake him up before I went to bed to get him to pee. Sometimes he would get up, sometimes not.
What about Pull-ups (made by Huggies I think) for the party. There suppose to be like "big kid" pants. I know they do allow for the child to feel that they have wet so its not like it would be a real diaper,kwim?
Good luck.
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Take it from someone who tried the Pull Ups, they are basically a glorified diaper. When my oldest was training I tried them and he was able to fill that whole thing to the max and not care one bit. They still have the gell in the middle and pull the moisture away. It's just like wearing a diaper.

Does she have a regular stooling pattern? Urine is sterile, so it may be messy to deal with, but likely not a huge deal, but poop would be the much bigger issue.

Whatever you decide to do isn't likely to set her back. There are always those occasions where it just isn't convenient with a potty training child and we throw them in diapers or pull ups. They all potty train in the end.
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