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Hey NT mamas, what's for dinner?

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Just thought I'd see what the other NT mamas are making for dinner tonight. We're having (my personally adapted recipe) chicken curry with rice. I made chicken bone broth earlier this week, and there's some of that in there. I stir fried the chicken in coconut oil and added coconut cream concentrate to the bone broth to make the base of the curry. Then I added carrots, some peas and red skin potatoes, threw in some ginger root along with a lot of organic spices (curry, garam masala, cardamom and cinnamon) and it's now bubbling away on the stove while the rice cooks in the steamer.

So what yummy things are you making for dinner?
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Ohhh-can you pack some of that up and send it over my way? I'm trying to eat meat again and I'm having a really hard time cooking it. I need a personal chef who makes meals like yours!
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I've fallen off the NT bandwagon lately because of lack of energy to prep stuff... but that sounds SO good! I wanna go to your house for dinner Boadicea! We are having potato, kale and sausage soup, all local and organic ingredients minus the sausage and the chicken broth (organic, not homemade and definitely not local : ). I need to get back in the NT routine! I haven't even made homemade broth in ages!
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Could someone please tell me what NT stands for??? TIA!

edited to say that I found the answer....
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I had coconut chicken and rice soup from the Eat Fat, Lose Fat book. It was incredible.
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Pizza: I make the yogurt dough on page 485 and use the whole batch for one pie. VERY easy and dh really likes it. Sauce is easy: tomatoe paste, olive oil, water and spices. Then top with whatever you like! For us, that was mushrooms, red onions, sun dried tomatoes, zucchini and cheese.

I LOVE all the curry recipes from Eat Fat, Lose Fat. Tonight, though, is cheater pasta night for me. Whole wheat pasta with a simple sauce of diced tomatoes mixed with cream and fresh basil. I need to use up some chicken so I'll throw that in. About every two weeks we have pasta. Last time was dd2's bday. She really enjoys the stuff.
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can we expand this to also tell what we have for breakfast and lunches? I always get some great recipes when people are posting what they are eating.

My day hasnt been too exciting...I have started going sugar/grain free to get rid of yeast.
B-eggs cooked in butter
S-kefir smoothy with berries, flax seed oil, cashew butter and bananas
L-leafy salad with oil/vinegar dressing, raw carrots with hummus, and gouda cheese
S-havent had yet, but am planning on yogurt and maybe an orange
D-dont know yet, something chicken based probably
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B: Leftover Muesli
L: Leftover Chicken Chowder
D: Roast Chicken, Baked Beans, Salad
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Making a crock pot chicken dinner. Melted butter and brown (organic) rice in crock pot with chopped onion, mushrooms, and carrots. Added the chicken (whole) and some chick broth, salt, pepper, and boquet garni. Later I will add some corn and broccoli.
Then, for dessert, I am making some kind of bulgar wheat casserole (I found it on the side of the Trader Joes Organic Bulgar Wheat box). It has apples and currants, oatmeal, spices and butter. YUM! (I hope!!)
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B: Oatmeal (soaked oats, of course) with maple, cinnamon, and milk (whole, organic, grass-fed, and unhomogenized, but alas, we won't have raw for another 6 weeks or so!!!)

L: Leftover Chicken and Veggie Quesadillas on sprouted tortillas (used raw cheese but then cooked it)

D: Crockpot Split Peas Stoup (Stew/Soup--its nice and thick!) with sourdough bread/butter

Snacks: veggies, fruit, yogurt, goat cheese
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