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SabDoulaMommy, these are KAM snaps from The Snap Store...size 20.
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No problem. Yes, that is the correct #. I just sent you PP.


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I know I already ordered, but do you have 100 teal sockets & 50 teal studs available? I just realized that I have hardly any of those and a bunch of caps.
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jessica... your pm box is full.... so could i substitute lilac for pink?
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CamsMama...I'll add those teal snaps in with your order. I've been trying to get in touch with you because I haven't been able to print out a shipping label for your order so I still have it. Hopefully when you send PP for this I'll be able to print a label. The teal snaps will be $3 and the shipping should only be maybe $1.00 more.
Judybean...I'll go ahead and give you lilac instead of pink. Sorry about that, I had ordered 2 bags of caps so I thought there would be plenty and I went through them fast! Thank you for understanding! I'll go ahead and get those counted and put in the mail.
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I got my snaps today!! Thank you so much. Those glow in the darks are so cool! But it cost me an extra $17.95 today because I had to go out and buy a roll of pink glow in the dark embroidery thread to match the snaps! Thanks again! Definitely let me know next time around too!
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sorry to be a pita, but I'm a newbie to snaps. I just bought a hammer-on snap press from the snap source & I've only used long prong snaps in it. Will these resin snaps hammer together, or do you need the professional snap press? 'Cause I'd love to get in on this action , but I'm sure I can't coax a snap press out of my dh just yet.
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I'm pretty sure thos won't work. Sorry

One thing about the snap press, though, is resale. You spend $100 on the press and dies and if you go and sell it on ebay or the TP you'll get $80+ nback... so really it is so justifyable!
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I sent you a PM... I'm not sure if it worked. Do you have 1 set of black, 1 set of navy and 2 sets of white available? (100, 75, 25 and for white 200, 150, 50)
Oh, please say you do! I have an black and white Elvis diaper just waaaaaiting to hear if you have black snaps!! He'll (Elvis) have it no other way.
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I got your PM SHB! I'm pretty sure I have those colors...I'll get them counted tomorrow!

SabDoulaMommy...the resin snaps don't work in the snap source snap setter...they need the industrial press.
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I just wanted you to know that I recieved my snaps in the mail yesterday!

Thanks so much!!!!

Btw...your pm box is full.
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Yay! I'm glad they got to you...that sucks that they got delayed! Have fun!

I'll go make some space in my PM box now....
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I received my snaps too! Thanks!!

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Yay! I think everyone has recieved their snaps now! That's great!

I still have more if anyone is interested!
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what colors do you still have?
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Let's see...I still have lots of teal, and I have a little bit of almost everything else. I don't have much of spring green, black studs, bright red or bright blue.
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so would you have enough 100/75/25 of medium navy, moss green, teal and pumpkin?

(bummer bout the spring green though... I actually made a fitted today with the stretch baby terry in candy pink -- at osds -- in a front-snapping style and put the spring green snaps on it... oh... it's GORGEOUS!!)

just let me know and I'll get the pp to you asap

ooh.. and I'd to be on your list next time you decide to do another co-op... I need some pinks!
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I'm pretty sure I have those...I'll get them counted asap! My funded pp addy is sweetslingingmama @ hotmail.com and cc is jkburt@hotmail.com (please include fees).
800 snaps is $12 plus $2.65 for shipping.

I'll be doing another co-op soon...I'll have pink for sure and I'm thinking about adding fuscia.
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Got mine too!! Thanks so much for running this co-op and letting me in so late in the game. I love having the variety and would definitely love to participate in the next co-op. Thanks again!!
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Judybean...I have your snaps counted and your label printed so your snaps will be in the mail tomorrow! Thanks for sending Pay Pal so quickly!
I think I'll try to get the leftovers counted and post a more detailed list of what's available. I can't wait for the next co-op!
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