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Who thought it would be a good idea to let Britney Spears design toddler clothes?

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Okay, so it's not actually Britney designing them, but it sure looks like it! I keep seeing halter tops, tube tops, twist front (like between the "breasts") short shirts, bikinis (some even with "cups"), skirts with slits up to THERE, etc. I just don't get it.

My baby is TWO not thirty-two! I want her to look like a two-year-old. Her clothes should be fun and functional, sweet, innocent ... not mini versions of rock star chic! I'm not saying cutesy, even, just not suggestive or revealing or freakin' sexy!

Anyone else noticed that the target for this "grown up" look in clothes seems to be getting younger and younger?!?

/End Rant
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I know

That's why i love Hanna Anderson, and Babystyle
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I agree - who thinks their toddler in a string bikini is cute? I am creeped out by the whole thing.
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I totally agree, it is disgusting
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Yes, disgusting. And then in the little girls' department you see sexy satin underwear! : WHY on earth would a child need those??? It reminds me of a Saturday Night Live sketch that took it to the extreme and made a fake commercial for thong diapers.

The really sad thing is that people *buy* that crap for their kids, though -- I see 8-year-olds around here dressed like they're going clubbing, and their mothers are walking around in Juicy Couture sweatsuits with writing across the butt and their fake boobs popping out the top -- nice example, mom! :
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Here in Europe you find thongs for toddlers it seems to be normal I guess. I really don't like that type of clothes but you don't have to buy it ya know.
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The boys clothing is not much better - basketball shirts, droopy pants, grungy, urban hood-like clothes for a 2 yr old! I struggle to find just regular old clothing - thankfully the best clothes in quality are often the best in style, and are the only ones good enough to make it to consignment

One of the mainstream parenting mags I get had a baby in a bikini top on the cover this summer, and I was so offended! I just don't think a baby in a bikini is appropriate.
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Can I join you on this soap box
I have to wonder who are the mothers buying this stuff? I mean it must be selling enough or they would stop making it. Curses to those buyers!
I love and hate buying my kids clothes. I know that I'm picky, but I hate waiding through tacky, hippy (orange with pink flowers) or sugestive stuff for my dd. And like a pp grungy clothing for my ds. He's 16 months old! I don't want shorts that slip down his butt and end at his ankles, (how is that cool, and I am talking about the weather here! as it's summer) or sullen skateboarders on his T shirts! I want cute prints and nice colours, not muddy blue and muddy green. I'm sure he will get them muddy enough on his own!
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The thing that I fnd most alarming about this trend is that it's yet another thing making childhood shorter and shorter - this consumer culture is robbing our girls of their girlhood!

The only purpose of "sexy" clothes is to be sexy - to be attractive to boys. Why on earth does anyone think it's appropriate to start that socalization process so young - why do our girls have to face that pressure (and the self-esteem nose dive that accompanies it) younger and younger? IT makes me FURIOUS. The whole process encourages girls to evaluate themselves and be evaluated on their appearance - rather than their talents, abilities, interests, passions, etc.

And don't get me started on those Bratz dolls - or as we call them in my house, hooker dolls. I'm not a politically or socially conservative person - but I think we can all see that it is harmful to girls to start this consumerism and pressure to be sexy so young. THe thing that really chaps me is that if there wasn't a market for it, it would GO AWAY - but people keep buying this crap.
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I agree, it's nuts. Our whole culture, the media, the clothes, all of it, is so sex- and appearance-obsessed, and the target audience just gets younger and younger. I saw an article a few weeks ago on the website for Coalition for a Commercial-Free Childhood, where a mom bought a Baby Bratz doll for her preschooler because her dd really wanted one for Christmas, and she figured the baby doll version had to be toned down somewhat (and it looks that way in the box. I've seen 'em.). Anywho, Christmas morning rolls around, her little girl takes the doll out of the box, and shortly thereafter tells her parents that her doll has a carrying strap. The baby doll--yes, the BABY doll--was wearing a black mesh thong. They took the issue to whoever makes those wretched things, and the company staunchly declared that it was not, in fact, a thong, but a strap to keep the doll's skirt on, and whoever thought it was a thong had a "dirty mind". Isn't that crazy? And the thing that bugs me as well is that you look at the playsets and whatnot you can get for these dolls, and all these characters do is talk on the phone and go to the mall! I mean, sheesh, at least Barbie ran for President!!

And then I was talking to a friend of mine from MOPS the other day. She was telling me about how she almost had an aneurysm when she overheard her 8 year old daughter singing in her room about how she wanted to "lick the lollipop" from a song that the local pop station plays constantly.

It's completely insane, and you have to mourn the fact that these people at the head of the marketing chains, who really do, unfortunately, hold sway over much of our childrens' peers, choose to act with such disregard toward our world's children.
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I am picky about my dd's clothes so I feel your pain. We mosly shop in thrift stores and so far I've been able to find things that are ok.
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That's funny you posted this today OP--I was on an eBay forum earlier and the posters were bashing some creep who had a toddler girl's outfit listed w/ "hootchie" in the title. Hello???? Who on earth is in the market to buy their toddler the hootchie look? Is someone actually doing an ebay search for toddler/girl/hootchie???? It makes you wonder...
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Hmmm. Well, I honestly think that these issues have more to do with your perception of adult attire and sexuality and the social context than with age appropriateness. I never went "clubbing" and would consider it degrading to go around wearing clothes for the sole purpose of turning other people on. I do sometimes wear skimpy clothes to the beach, however. Why? Because I love feeling the breeze and sand and water on my skin. Because I feel good and sexy in the best, most meaningful sense: beautiful, unashamed in my body, unashamed to enjoy it. It took me a long time to get there, partly because I heard comments like those in this thread and developed negative impressions and feelings. When I go to the beach -- Orchard Beach in the Bronx, which is one of the most amazing experiences you can have, IMO --I see women of all ages and sizes showing and enjoying their bodies by wearing bikinis. I can't imagine feeling critical of the little ones, or their moms who bought their suits!!! That would really lessen my enjoyment of the water and music and happiness. I suspect little girls like to wear clothes like their mamas'. Why shouldn't they? Bikinis aren't what hurt girls and their developing sexuality. And underwear should follow the contour of our bodies. When my dd wears briefs, they slip down under her little belly and the extra fabric bunches up. She likes them anyway, and I support her. But what would be wrong with underwear shaped more like her? And um, shirts that show her cute little belly button...?!

People like all kinds of different clothes, and that's fine. I personally feel a little queasy about girls' clothes that are very frilly, pink, glittery, and adorned with "Disney Princesses". They're not my thing. The difference is that most people wouldn't think it ok to use shame to express distaste about the kind of clothes I don't care for. To me, any comment that could introduce the seed of an idea that sex or the body might be DIRTY or BAD is better off studiously left unsaid. (Actually, I try to avoid making negative comments -- beyond the brief, matter-of-fact, as-neutral-as-possible ones -- about the Princess crap to my own dd, b/c I know she is very impressionable, she likes pink and girly, and I don't want to put her down or tell her what she "should" feel about being a girl in our society.)
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Amen! I would rather dress my daughter in a table cloth than in some of the clothes I have seen becoming trendy right now.
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I think children's clothing in general does follow trends too much. I don't have daughters, but I've seen very nice, conservative/comfy clothing for girls in Land's End.

My beef with boys clothing is the aggressive nature of so much of it. I know that there is a time and a place for boys expressing their rowdier side, but I don't like it when it comes to clothing. I try to avoid logo'ed Ts and shirts as much as possible.
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I hate hate hate it!! I was trying to find my 6 year old a few nice skirts at the store and they were all these little mini skirts. Ewe!!! I found a few long skirts after digging but what happened to the nice knee length skirts for kids? I dont get it!
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My husband and I comment on this all the time when we are shopping....we also wonder who is buying these clothes? Because if parents weren't buying they wouldn't be selling them!
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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
Can I join you on this soap box
I have to wonder who are the mothers buying this stuff?

Ok...before I go further Just to All..... This is in no way an attack on any of you.. obvioulsy I would not be talking about any of you, as you are as outraged by it as I am.

But to answer this question......It is being bought by 20 something parents of toddlers...mostly the younger 20 somethings...
MOST ...wear these types of clothing. ..so I guess they figure well if I can wear it so could my 2 yr old..oh she will be soooo cute...


My cousin for example ...has a 2 yr old dd beautiful child ...so beautiful she blows all the top models away she is so gorgious....
My cousin...24, dresses in these types of clothing..undines sticking out of the back of her jeans...Paris Hilton skirts....so of course she dresses her 2 yr old like this as well....
I wanna just grab this child and take her away from my cousin ...

So as long as this type of dress is accepted in public and these young ladies that wear this stuff have DDs...this will not stop...and I hate to say it but it will get worse.

I dont get it and I never will...It is not cute to see a 3 yr olds undies out the back of her pants ..or her diaper because her skirt is so short....

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I don't know what the clothes will look like, but I just read that Charlie Sheen is starting his own clothing line for little girls! Here's the story: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/...&entry_id=2948

I just have to add that I cannot stand those Bratz dolls either. Skanky.
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Originally Posted by frowningfrog
But to answer this question......It is being bought by 20 something parents of toddlers...mostly the younger 20 somethings...
MOST ...wear these types of clothing. ..so I guess they figure well if I can wear it so could my 2 yr old..oh she will be soooo cute...

im 23 and i have a 2 year old daughter... yes she has miniskirts but they all cover her diaper/panties. she has halter tops and alot of her clothes are red, purple and black. i never really thought about it as being an issue, it never even occured to me that people are offended. my daughter has a string bikini she chose it herself when she was shopping with her grandma... we kind of laughed at the rediculousness of the top, how small it was, so we dont often put it on her. and appearantly there are alot of people offended at the sight of *gasp* a toddlers nipples. i think its hilarious and take it the same way id take it if someone got all huffy because my 2 year old is wearing a string bikini. i wasnt raised in an overtly clothed household so i guess in my eyes i can say 'hey at least im wearing clothes'
dd has some long skirts but will sometimes get frustrated trying to maneuver and play in them, she has pants too but if shes in a diaper the pants are too small and the bulk annoys her, if shes wearing panties they pants fall down and she gets annoyed pulling them up all the time...
when i was little my mom would nearly have a heart attack because i would wear mini skirts and haltertops in the winter, but to this day too many clothes just get on my nerves, dp is the same he only wears boxers if he can help it. so its really no suprise we have a little girl who prefers string bikinis and mini skirts.
she even has bratz dolls she found some at a yardsale and wanted them... really my only concern was the creepy feet but appearantly they were the big selling point for her. i would have never even known thier image was an issue if i wasnt at mdc, i actually was excited that they now have doll clothes that look like something id wear
im really concerned that alot of people are calling dolls and people in skimpy clothes derogatory names. what is that teaching your daughters?
i really hate the idea that people are dressing 'sexy' for the benefit of others. i dress in things i like, that i find comfortable and pretty *to me* im not thinking of others when i get dressed in the morning, er um afternoon hehe
sandrel's been picking her clothes out since she was able to point and dressing herself as soon as she could figure it out. aside from noting the weather i dont do much styling of her look.

ack...gotta go wake up dp for work...
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