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Disrespecttul diaper changes?

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I have seen many posts about toddlers refusing diaper changes. One of my DSs (23 months) refuses diaper changes every morning, and everytime he poops. I usually try to wait a little while, and especially if he's poopy, he eventually asks me to change it. But sometimes I sort of make him do it. Like, I tell him that he needs a new diaper and hold him and comfort him with reassuring words while changing him on my lap, and tell him he will be more comfortable, won't get wet clothes etc, if he gets a new diaper. Is this wrong? Is it like overpowering him to do this? Am I teaching him that might is right?
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I don't think you need to worry. I dirty diaper needs to be changed. you are doing it because you love him. My 2nd would have run around in a popy diaper until her buns burned off if i let her. She really didn't care. She owuld rather experiance pain than have her diaper changed so I would just d it. I would calmly explain what I was doing and why, but none the less would have to use force to do it. She doesn't seem to be messed up because of it.
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I read somewhere about talking them through it, 'I'm helping you stay still right now so we can get you clean, I know you would rather be running around', just acknowledging their frustration can help.
totally off-topic, but you say your twins are almost two but their birthday was in February of 2002? Should it be 2001? My DS will be two in March, boy, you sure must be busy!
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