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Just wondered how do your children/step children play with each other? my 2 dsds are 11 and 8 and will push my 6yr old ds out or away from them. They go in one room and close the door. They will go outside and hide in the car ect. there is a good age difference so I say that they need to get along, share, play ect with each other. Lately it is getting out of hand. Ds will cry in his room and act angry with them when they look, talk, or get close to him. Last nite he was really hurting and my anger got the best of me. I seperated everyone and told them they couldn't be in the room together. I even made younger dss sleep on couch because she has had extra attitude
I have tried gentle words, model behavior, role playing, yelling. Dh doesn't think its so bad. He says thats how siblings are and behave. He says thats how it was when he was a kid. I think that it is still not ok to be rejected in your own house. I know I can t make them want to play with him and they will resent it if I force them too.
Am I being too sensitive? It just bugs me too see ds so hurt. I would want this too change if the girls did this to each other too. We are family not strangers.

P.S They are not all together for more than 3 hours a day 3 days a week. The girls have seperate play dates with friends often.