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Water broke but no contractions

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Hello mamas, help me out here! My water broke just before midnight last night & I called the midwife & she said I have 24 hours then they'll want to induce. I had a couple of contractions (the last one at @4am) and since then nothing, just a little bit of fluid leaking here & there--no gushes. I'm sitting on the birthing ball, walking & using the pump for nipple stimulation. Anything else to get this going? I want to avoid being induced. This is baby #1 by the way. TIA!!!
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Check out the previous thread from M_of_M on the same topic!

I walked up and down stairs to get mine going. Also try kissing! I think it helps to relax as well -- the psychological shock of the water breaking when I didn't expect it held my contractions at bay (in my opinion).

Hmm what else? I guess if you're desperate you can go the Castor Oil route, but you should consult with your Midwife!

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Walking, up and down stairs if they are available. Also 24 hrs doesn't seem like very long, is it possible to negotiate for longer and avoid cervical checks?
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Oh thank goodness, the midwife on duty changed and the weekend one is giving me more time before they want to induce!! Still, I'm going to keep walking, etc. Thanks mamas!
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I hope walking does it for you! Just be mindfull not to wear yourself out. I was put on a time line due to leaking water with dd so went crazy walking, things finally got going but I was tired when labor started and that is not a good thing either. I am not saying don't walk, just make sure and rest also.
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Definitely remember to keep on eating, drinking, and resting. With both my labors, lying down to rest when I was exhausted actually sped contractions up. With my first I was trying to walk stairs and keep moving, but contrax were spacing out; when I finally gave up and laid down, they picked way back up. So don't stay up all night doing stairmaster, LOL! Best wishes. Oh, and visualizations and affirmations are a great idea, too.

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Don't worry if it takes a while for labor to start...my water broke with my last pregnancy, and it took a good 12 hours for me to start feeling contractions. During that 12 hours dh and I walked the streets for hours (constantly gushing!)...also, like pp's said, rest and eat. Kissing and nipple stimulation might help...if you have a breast pump, you might want to hook that up (though, not to be too graphic, oral or manual stimulation of the nipples seems to be more effective).

Glad to hear you have more time! Good luck!
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is accupucture a possibility?
it helped a friend of mine in a similar situation. her midwife suggested it and even had a recommendation.
keep us posted, now we're all thinking of you.
i'll light a candle - it will happen.
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