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I've got a suction cup hook on the side of the toilet tank, with a mesh bag hanging for used wipes. The clean ones sit on the sink in a wipe container.
I have a box under the sink with all of dd's clean dipes and underwear.

I love cloth wipes!
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Mine is not fancy either. I have a wet bag tied to the door (since our bathroom is about as big as a match box hehe no kidding) and we have a basket with the whipes in it. I have toilet paper on the roll for guests that is it.
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That's it. I'm doing it.
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Originally Posted by Narn View Post
That's it. I'm doing it.
The only thing you'll miss is lint balls- you know, if you really like lint balls
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I have been doing family cloths for three months now, and I really love it! My husband doesn't mind; he just goes with the flow. And of course he doesn't have to do anything but wipe. I have a mason jar on the windowsill that I keep my clean wipes in. And we just toss them into a bathroom laundry basket. There is absolutely no smell. We keep a few rolls of t.p. for our guests. The only trouble I have is keeping up with the laundry on occasions. But that's just me.joy.gifeyesroll.gif my dad and siblings make fun of me and it makes my friends nervous, but I know in my heart that I am doing my part to protect our mother earth.
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I'm not adding a pic because my set up is super-easy to describe (and super-easy to put together!), but here it is:


I have a bag (that i made out of a fleece baby blanket) full of cut-up t-shirts and old washcloths that are falling apart that i set on top of a cat litter bucket by the toilet. Typically, i use them dry, but wet them at the sink if need be. When the bucket is full, i dump it into the washer with my cleaning cloths for the week. I also put my homemade pads in this bucket.


It really doesn't need to be more difficult than that. :)

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