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Major toenail issues

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We cosleep with ds, and we (I!) am having a major toenail problem! Ds will not, absolutely not, let us near his toenails to cut or file them. He is okay with his fingernails, but freaks if you even make a move to cut his toenails. Even in his sleep he jerks his foot away. We have tried everything: while nursing, while watching a video, letting him cut ours, watching us cut ours, explaining it to him, bribery, pleading. Even the times we have tried to hold him down, it's nearly impossible because he can still move his foot just enough that we can't get it cut, and that's with two of us. Plus, I can't stand forcing something onto his body that he is not comfortable with. He totally freaks out, kicking, screaming, crying.

But the problem is that he constantly runs his foot up and down my belly during the night and while nursing (he has done this since birth), and the daggers he calls toenails really hurt! He's actually drawn blood on my stomach before. We have tried putting him to sleep in socks, but he usually gets way too hot, or else pulls them off.

Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do?
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"oh...those aren't stretch marks...those are the scars from Zane's toenails" ~said by me to a friend commenting on my stretch marks while getting dressed for a friends wedding.

definatly have this problem...only with us it is the fingernails too.

I usually have to wait until he is in a really deep sleep and then usually start by just holding his foot for a while until his immediate jerking away has passed. Then I gently attempt to cut the nails...it can sometimes take a few nights to do it. I haven't been able to do it at naps because he doesn't sleep soundly enough.

we also usually put him to bed with a diaper and socks...but that doesn't always work because if he wakes up he will pull the socks off. I get the thicker ankle socks from old navy...fit great and only have bulk over the feet...nothing on ankle or leg to increase the heat factor any more than neccessary.

Good luck. If you find something that works better, please post it for us.
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I used to bite DS nails. If you just nick it at the side with your teeth you can tear the rest off quickly. Probably best to do the toes after a bath
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I have this problem w/my 17 month olddd. The only way I can trim her fingernails or toenails is to wait until she is completely asleep, and clip one every 10-15 minutes. Any other method and she starts jerking around and awakens. It actually takes me 2-3 nights to get them all most of the time.

Amy, mom to Tsuneo Phri, 09/12/01
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