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I'm Crampy

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All night this baby was s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out & his head was pushing my cervix & his feet were in my ribs - it HURT! A lot! Then after about an hour of that, my lower back started hurting & all day today I've been slightly crampy in the front with lower back pain. I didn't do much of anything yesterday but did a lot the day before, nothing strenuous, just on my feel ALL day long.

The BH's are getting more serious over the last few days, guess we're all getting closer!! (I'm 36 wks.) I have an appt tomorrow, GBS test - ick. Internals are supposed to start at 36 wks, not sure if I'm going to go ahead with one - on one hand, it's exciting to hear how much your body is preparing, but OTOH, it doesn't tell ya much! For boredom's sake, I'm going to take a gander & say that I'm 3, almost 4cm dilated & 50% effaced. Eeks, guess I'm setting myself up for a letdown if I'm only 2cm. I'll post back tomorrow.
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We're due right about the same time. I've felt nothing new, other than the baby getting bigger. I had my GBS swab the other day - so easy - I didn't even lay down, he didn't even have to look, just a quick swab and it took less than a second. Although they said they weren't going to do any internals til 38 weeks. Fine with me...I don't think this baby is even remotely coming any time soon. I'm getting that pregnant forever feeling these days!

Did say his head is way down, so he's dropped, but I couldn't tell anything had changed.
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I'm not getting any internals at all. I don't dilate until well into labor anyway. (based on my last 2 births) I've been really crampy this week too and a couple times have had a few nice solid contractions. I'm trying to get the baby to settle in my pelvis a little more so I can breathe for a bit. My babies tend to ride high until well into labor too, then everything happens all at once. Just a few more weeks. I'm 37-38 weeks so I'm almost hoping to go any time. I won't be pregnant forever. (Please remind me of this in a couple weeks when I'm really ready to be done )
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I've been crampy too. Definitely a pick up in the BH contractions. I've been feeling pinchy feelings very low in the cervix. Not really sure about that. I assume it means I may be starting to efface. Weirdness.

I feel funny now. We've been SOO pleased that this babe wasn't premature and now I find myself wanting to be done soon. Terrible. I just want a healthy baby and if that mean going ot 42 weeks (or more) so be it. (As MamaChel said, remind me of this statement when I'm overdue and complaining. )

We're not doing any internals. I don't want to set myself up for a disappointment...
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[QUOTE=etoilech] I've been feeling pinchy feelings very low in the cervix. Not really sure about that. I assume it means I may be starting to efface. Weirdness.


Me too. Sharp, hard pinches that hurt like the devil that feel l like cervix ...is that what it is? I have absolutely no idea. Started out one or two times a day, but now getting the pinches every few minutes.
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When the baby "knocks" on my cervix, it actually hurts, like pinching. And, I seem to get a bout of cramps after the baby has been pretty active. I am trying to do whatever I can to get the cramps to become something more serious, but so far, nothing....
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I haven't read your newest thread yet, Meta, so I'll be interested to hear how close you were in your predictions!

I've been feeling all those pinching, grinding, BH feelings this week. It also feels as though the baby has descended quite a bit. I feel full and heavy down there. I didn't expect this at all, since you read that dropping doesn't happen until labor for subsequent pregnancies. I'm going to ask my midwife this Friday if she can feel how low the baby is (while she's swabbing for GBS ).

Hang in there, everybody! These last few magical weeks are a time to savor--I remember them so well with my last pregnancy.

Kam, mamamama! to Meg and one more
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