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Overdue? Rant here...

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I'm not yet but am due in 2 days and I'm trying not to be overconfident. Anyway, I never thought I'd make it to my due date but my prelabor stuff seems to be slowing down and I seem to be here for the long haul. My midwife says almost all her clients go to 41 weeks so here we go...

anyone else??
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My due date was February 1st. Ds was 9 days late, so I didn't think that I would go early, but I didn't think I would go this late. I am feeling so depressed and deflated. I know this sounds silly but I honestly don't think I'm ever going to go into labor. And now my midwife wants me to go in for an ultrasound next week to make sure the baby is doing ok. She said she could fudge my due date so the doctors don't freak out and try to induce me. It just feels like two weeks ago I though I could go into labor any day, now I feel like it could be any week. I just want to cry .
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I'm 8 days overdue now. I'm just worried about losing my homebirth. I've had 3 babies and have never been overdue, it's kind of odd, feels like your body is failing you in a way. I don't mind leaving the baby to come when she's ready, I know she's still healthy, I'm just not looking forward to a possible hospital birth.
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Today is my due date.

Pre-Labor sucks. I KNOW that it is helping, and I know that I am progressing, but it just feels as if I am running in place.

Kinda like that story about a man pushing against a rock tyring to move it for years, and it never budgeing. He thought he was wasteing all this time, but in reality, it made his arms strong.

I know I will be thankful for my slow progression once this is all over, but for now, it is jsut making me frusterated.
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I just feel like screaming today.....punching something, anything......

i am sooooooo over being pregnant and just want to be done! i can't even try to put a positive spin on this reply right now. i feel stuck.

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Add me to the club. One week 'overdue'. I am trying to have a good attitude about it, I know my cycles were long when I got pregnant and so the traditional due dates don't apply. But I am so over being pregnant already. I'd give anything for a contraction already!
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I am 4 days "late". Doing well but soooo READY. Want to meet the girl already. Midwife is willing to let me go for awhile yet. Maybe strip membranes on Thurs. We will see how the Thurs morning stress test looks.
My best friend is 14 days past date today. Just started having bloody show and crampiness today. Now I don't have to feel guilt for myself going sooner than her! This is my 3rd and I have never made it to my due date before.
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Not overdue yet. Still technically have a few days. But incredibly uncomfortable, crabby, anxious, tired and miserable. When will this END?? Ugh.
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Me too! Me too!

My first baby was almost 3 weeks late, but we've always assumed that was because of her chromosomal syndrome.

My second came on his due date and my third 5 days before his due date, so I really didn't forsee arriving at 40 weeks 5 days.

I am really comfortable, got very uncomfortable a week and a half ago, but it's like my body adapted.

Last night I had really long strong contractions. I was sure my water was going to break and I'd have the baby by this morning. AAAAA!

The worst part is the "watched pot" feeling. I can't stand to answer the phone. It's just the same dumb conversation again and again. No the baby hasn't come yet. Yes, spicy food, sure. Yep, walking a lot. No, don't know what that baby's waiting for. No, I don't want them to induce me. Yep, I'll hang in there, thanks.
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well snarfy and newton have delivered....whoohoo!

Time for the rest of us! I am 2 days over now and oddly, feel less pressured than before my due date. Everyone (except my MW) assumed I'd be early since DS was, and the phone calls and emails have stopped over the past few days when I've promised people I would tell them when she finally decides to get the he** out of my uterus.

But now that I'm late I don't feel that same "today??" feeling, I'm actually feeling more relaxed and my prodromal labor seems to have subsided a bit. My body is just being very indecisive--half-arsed contractions, baby's head is 'half' engaged, blah blah.
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Not over due yet here (not until Mon.) but I was 9 days over with dd, so I know how hard it can be. Hang in there mamas no matter what you are getting closer and closer to having that babe in your arms.

Sleepymama-Glad you are feeling less pressure! For myself, being in a more positive emotional space has really helped the physical complaints seem more bearable.
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ALLLLL of my babies have been 'late'. They weren't, they just came when they were done, lol. Hang in there, Mamas! I'll surely be in the same boat again come November. My first was 9 days after edd, 2nd was 2 wks after edd, and the last one was 20 days after edd. Some of us just cook 'em longer. Have you read this site? http://www.birthlove.com/free/ten_month_mama.html

You'll be holding those sweet babies soon!!!
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I am now 6 days past my edd. When the month started i knew that all we could count on was the baby beig born this month. The only thing that really bums me out about still being pregnant is that my aunt was in from california for a week and I was so sure she would be around for the birth. She left yesterday morning.
The midwife wants to induce, so we are fighting that which is just annoying.
I also hate the calls. Like we aren't going to let people know when the baby is born, so if I am home then I am still preganant!
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Well, I am now officially overdue! I have really been doing fairly good at focusing on the end of the month, and for a long time I have thought that baby will arrive the end of this week. However, I thought I started leaking af during the night on Saturday so I got all excited thinking it was time, and it wasn't. Turns out I am just leaking very watery mucus (lost my plug on Friday). I have also been very crampy, lots of lower back ache, and decently intense contrations in the evening and at night that disappear in the morning. So my positive outlook has gone out the window!
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Rant ahead!
I feel like crap. Overdue, incredibly sick with a head and chest cold and verrry uncomfortable. Tired of feeling like a watched pot. My maternity leave is now ticking by, and here I sit with NO BABY! Ugh! All the sooner in his life I'll have to leave him to go back to work.
I hate being sick, I am tired of being pregnant, and DH is horrible!!!!!!!

There, I feel a little bit better now.
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Is anyone else having trouble getting more smilies to come up???

((((((((((((Mamas))))))))))))) When I carried my last so far 'over' (20 days), I was totally miserable. I had uncoordinated contraction episodes that lasted 24-32 hrs at a time, and they HURT! What finally helped me was several doses of catnip tincture and a big glass of wine. It is so stressful to be so far past the edd, and w/all the phone calls, etc....ITU how you all are feeling!

Honeybee'smama, If you are overdue w/twins, I'd say it is a great sign! You have obviously been taking excellent care of yourself and those babies! Yay for you! But I know how hard it is, don't get me wrong. (oops. sorry, I think I have you confused w/someone else, loL!)
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Maya's mom and Nicole, hang in there! I know it's hard, but those sweet babies will come out soon! For whatever reason some of us just need to cook our babies longer. Only they know when to come. I hope you all find a way to relax, as that is KEY. A nice warm bath, a nice massage, some catnip tinc. and some wine?? And turn off your ringer!

Btw, my dh started to be a butthead when I went so far over w/my son. I think it was out of concern for me and the baby, yk? Have a nice talk w/dh and let him know he's not being helpful to you. You need support. Maybe you could go out for a nice dinner and then snuggle in bed and watch a movie.
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6 days overdue, now...gee.
I really believed that I wouldn't go over...then, once I did, I felt at peace with the idea of having a few more days of the life I have been so well-adjusted to. But now, I have had many up and down days.

I get phone calls throughout each day. I have cleaned my house, shopped, and prepared everything over and over. I live a good half-hour from town, so it is not as easy to stay on top of the shopping. If the baby was to come today, I wonder whether we'd be prepared enough; while, I was overly prepared a week ago.

I feel like nothing is happening. I really haven't even felt any strong contrations. Apparently, I am having them as my midwives and dr. have all remarked upon me having one during prenatals. I do feel things change day by day. But, there is not that "feeling" that every mama says I will feel. I feel like it could strike at anytime and just doesn't.

Is it better to prepare over and over...or to just let things slide 'til I get that nesting urge???

It's hard to stay positive (or negative, for that matter) about this all. I feel so mixed up about how it all feels to be approaching something I've never approached before.

Sending out sincere and strong birthing vibes to the mamas in my shoes!!
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russianthistle,,,,I know it feels like it to you, but 6 days is really not that far overdue. If you are not feeling much yet, then it simply is not time. The standard 40 wks is really not as accurate as one might think. Many, many, many mamas go 'over'. It really all depends on how long your cycles were, I think. Mine are long (33 days), so I'm sure that's why I always, always carry over. All you really need to have done for this baby is to make sure you have a bag packed, if you are not birthing at home, and to take care of yourself. Rest, eat well, and turn off your ringer, or simply screen your calls and don't answer if it's not your mw or dh. Have him return calls when he gets home each evening, if that helps. let ppl know that it stresses you out to always answer *the question*. If you start thinking natural induction, it would probably serve you well to wait another week first. If you ob starts pushing for hospital induction, inform yourself on the natural methods, and try them at home first. A biophysical profile sonogram is sometimes a big help in the end, just to get the ob off your back. As long as the baby is doing well, and it's environment isn't deteriorating, there's no reason to rush it!
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thanks for the support and reminders, chicky2. I did have long cycles (32 days). I am birthing at home, have a fam. practioner as hosp. backup. The nice thing is that my drs. are hb supporters and will probably not push anything until somewhere around March 8th...I am fortunate in my circumstance...I just feel like it's time for it to happen. Am getting impatient.

I miss me!!! I feel like I'm not me these days.
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