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Yk, I think part of it is that we expect that by our edd (esp. if this is your first!) we'll be holding that sweet bundle of joy! Lots of times, our care providers don't mention that there is a HUGE chance we'll carry over. G/L w/relaxing and if you are birthing at home, you are gonna do great! Best chance for the best birth! I'm excited for you! that baby WILL come out! Think in terms of the baby, though. Would YOU wanna leave that nice, warm, comfortable womb?
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You can add me to the list tomorrow. My due date was today. I guess I really thought I'd be done by now. By this time with DD, I had already been in labor for quite a while. I've had so much prelabor with this one that I was sure I'd go early.

This weekend would have been an excellent time to have a baby since DD was with her father for a few days. But no, it didn't happen. I'm having some prodromal labor, but it just won't stick. I'm really done with my prep, too.

I'm really ok with where I am, just a little impatient. I feel fine, just a little more tired than I have been. I know my support system is set up, and I'm just going to enjoy the last little bit of time with DD as an only child.
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