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Mamapie said~it could have been fabricated. The evidence, I mean. Just a thought.
Well Mamapie, it appears you may have been correct ?!
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Yep, it appears we have been sold a bill of goods. And we fell for it, hook line and sinker. The leaders of this country took us to WAR for fabricated evidence. What evil. The horrors of war to spare us all the weapons of mass distruction and THEY AREN"T THERE. And, now, we hear, "Oh, no, it was never about WMD? WTF? I have mommy can't remember anything mushbrain, but holy moly it was only a few months ago, and I clearly remember Powell's pathetic presentation at the UN. I have quotes for the president. First saying one thing, (this is about WMD) and months later saying it is about getting Saddam, and months later saying it was never sbout either. Liars.
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I saw this up again and wondered, "What? Is he speaking to the UN again? Did I miss something?" But, it's just Devi on her roving investigative reporter mode!! GO GIRL!!
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It threw me for a loop for a minute too!!
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This threw me for a loop too, especially because I got an email from Truthout yesterday with a story about how Powell was given a speech to read (prepared by Dick Cheney) and he threw the pages into the air and said "This is bullshit. I'm not reading this." I'd share the link, but I already deleted it. I know some other people here are on Truthout's mailing list, so maybe someone else will share the story.
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Sorry guys, I was perusing the threads for 'dish' on the Shrub admin. Found this and thought, hmmmmmmmmm.??

We have to get WMD out of the hands of those who can't be trusted to withhold them from terrorists.
But....what if there weren't any? What if it was all a big lie? Is this war still OK? Just curious honestly...

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Originally posted by Nursing Mother
I'll let the powers that be get outta the snag scenario of the WMD question?
If this is a question to yourself, NM, then I hope you do not 'let the powers that be' rule your rationality. Blind faith in these 'powers' will put you in a very vulnerable spot.

It's a good start in asking these sorts of questions, for sure.
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Hey, but we have a fiscally-ignorant, shoot from the hip cowboy leader who likens people to cows he can herd and counts one of his gifts as the ability to make people relax.

That plus nuclear powers only matched by cultural arrogance makes for a mighty nation over God, eh?

Hilary, that sig makes me crack up everytime! I love it. No one could make this stuff up, it's too rich.
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