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Kids TV. Some of you must watch it, lets rate it...

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My daughter Bronwyn is 17 months old and I will admit that we watch tv with her and sometimes even leave her to watch by herself. 99% of it is PBS. I adore Between the Lions. She likes Teletubbies and perks up any time any program features music. Her dad likes to watch soccer with her (she gets very excited and yells 'Ball! Ball!' while chasing her own soccer ball around the room. Dad also watches Powerpuff Girls with her. I'm not nuts about the violence but he wants her to see girls as the heroes, taking care of themselves.

What is on your tv and what do you think of it?
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My ds who is 5 yo loves PBS. Mainly Zoboomafoo and Arthur. He also loves watching "Animal Planet"~Jeff Corwin, The Croc Hunter and the other documentary animal shows. I don't mind him watching these because he has learned so much about animals~he wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up .


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Now that 2 of my kids are in grade school, we have cut down on tv a lot. Second DD should have probably never been exposed to tv--she tends to act a little addictive about it. When she does watch, she totally zones out and she asks me if she can watch all the time, even though she knows we don't turn it on on school afternoons.

I do let 4 yr. old watch sometimes in the A.M. Sesame St. and Cayou (sp?) are on before she goes to pre-school. I find Cayou too syruppy. She liked Noddy better, but they don't show it at that time anymore.

I like Between the Lions too. I think it is very well done for emerging readers. Kids do like the one about the cats in China (can't think of the name) They watch it on Fridays. It seems okay, but I do like the fact that it shows them people from another part of the world that are a different race and culture.

They also watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon on Saturdays when my DH takes them to my SIL when I am at work. Wish they didn't watch it.
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My almost dd (almost 5) watches shows on Nickelodeon, Disney, and PBS. I always monitor it and she it limited to how much she can watch each day, which varies. Some of her (our) favorite shows are Arthur, Blue's Clues, Zoboomafoo, Clifford, Doug, Pepper Anne (it is her favorite right now) and others. The little one (20 1/2) months loves Blue's Clues and Teletubbies when ever they come on she squells with excitment (so did the older dd- dh and I can't stand Teletubbies so it is not that often it is on).
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I always thought I would let my kids watch a lot of educational TV. Now, I doubt Juniper will watch TV at all until she is about 5, and then hardly at all. My mom is a teacher, and recently she attended a workshop where they addressed a lot of problems caused by watching TV and using computers. More and more kids are losing fine motor skills, and coordination. They also have problems reading, they start losing it halfway across the page, and halfway through words. Often their writing gets sloppier and sloppier across the page as well. These problems are symptoms of not being able to cross back and forth between sides of the brain. It is because they are focused on a screen. My mom sees this, in varying degrees, in all of her students, and I can see it in me and my husband. Neither of us watched what is usually considered to be excessive amounts of television. I learned a lot as a kid watching TV, but I could have learned even more from books, and certainly from doing more physical activity.
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There is another thread like this on 'life with toddler', I think. Check it out.

Our ds is almost 2 1/2, and we let him watch a few shows regularly, like 'zomboomafoo', 'clifford', but for the most part, we do videos from the library. Still vegging in front of the tv, but I feel like I have more control. And just like with books,( he wants them read to him over and over again, educators say they learn the language that way), he wants to watch certain videos over and over again,I'm hoping he's learning how to treat others with kindness, like Pooh.
But I would like to chime in that your ds sounds too little to watch 'powerpuff girls', I've never a whole show, but I cant stand that type of animation, fast, unrealistic, lots of sound effects. I completely adore what your dh says about wanting to show her girls as heros, but I bet there is a kinder, dare I say, age appropriete (sp?) way
LOL, mama-t
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Little Bill

I like Bill Cosby's Little Bill series. It features a mom, dad, 3 kids, and a great grandma (Alice the Great) all living together in one of the NY boroughs. Little Bill (named after his papa) goes to preschool with an ethnically diverse group. He seems to come from a loving and nurturing family, and I think he's adorable.

That's my take on it.

Of course, I was raised on TV--I'm a sesame street and scooby doo, girl from the 70s.

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Dd is 3, and I try to keep her tv time to no more than an hour total a day. We do try to vary what she watches, and she likes lots of different shows (mostly PBS) and videos, including: Zoboomafoo, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Blues Clues, Bear In The Big Blue House, Kipper, Caillou, Raffi concert videos, Thomas the Tank Engine (she LOVES trains!) and we often borrow videos from the library for a change of pace. Also, about once every couple of weeks (we just started this) she, dh and I will rent a movie and snuggle on the couch to watch it - we've seen both Toy Story movies and some of the tamer Disney ones. We only watch those together, though, because she needs us to explain a lot of it!
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We don't have cable, so our kids only watch PBS. My favorite shows for preschoolers are Dragontales, Caillou and (gasp!) Barney. Sagwa is really cute, but sometimes my 27 mo. old gets scared while watching.
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Don't forget The Wiggles, & Kipper the Dog!
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Well, we don't actually watch TV shows....we have things on tape. So we don't get PBS and I miss all the wonderful nature shows. Wah!

Ok. Sorry got off track!

We like Blues Clues & Bear in the Big Blue House. I remember liking Out of the Box. Is that still on? I absolutely cannot bear to watch Teletubbies or Barney. and I can't watch cartoons or shows where people are constantly screaming and the action/tension is always up up up.

We watch National geographic videos too. They aren't in English but we still like them. We also watch old musicals.
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Mine 2yo and 4yo) like Stanley on the Disney channel. Both have learned lots about animals.

They like the website too. Also the PBS website.
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Yammer, you're a hoot!
Ds is 7 mos and I think we're getting rid of the TV...Yeah!
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Here are my favs:

Between the Lions (absolute favorite. even I pull up a cushin for this one.)
Bob the builder
Dragon Tales (I really like the way the brother and sister get along)
Magic School bus
Zaboomafoo & Kratts Creatures
And yes, Teletubbies

Ones I hate:

Seseme Street (Elmo annoys me to no end, and all the day care crap and bottles drive me crazy. I guess I should clarify new ones because the old ones on noggin still rock)

Barney (those kids frighten me)

Calliu (does he ever stop whining and throwing tantrums?)

Arthur (all the kids are so meant o each other. They say such horrible things. I find it a bit disturbing)
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Cyberchase, new on PBS, is my guys new fave. Even my almost 11 year old, who usually spends his TV time on the X Games or Animal Planet, will sit down and watch this one. My 4 and 7 year olds love it! They don't even realize they are learning math. Good show! Arthur is my favorite.
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Lofty from Bob annoys me too...
Hunter loves Zaboomafoo, arthur, Clifford
I love Arthur and Little Bill
Luckily he's in school from 8:30-12 everyday so we miss most of the shows he would want to see. ....he's much happier tv free.....
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has anyone else noticed the strange sexual tension between Bob and Wendy. Or am i imagining things?
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I love Little Bear.
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Well, my three yr old used to (last year) watch Zaboomafoo, and Bear in th bb house,Elmo, and animal shows, then moved to Clifford and Dragon Tales, and Blues Clues only out of peer pressure (if you can imagine that). Now she likes art attack, Crazy Quilt, Zoom once a month, decorating and cooking shows, and Between the Lions (our fave).

Of course I watch most shows with her -

I'm curious to see if or what my 6 month old will watch - right now she is not allowed to watch any tv, or may galnce at the screen if we are watched decorating shows - loves them.

Did your 2cd or other kids watch with the eldest? who picks the show?
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2 dds: 3 1/2 and 20 mos. (no lectures on AAP please)

No cable, so we occasionally watch PBS: Dragon Tales, Arthur, Caillou, Clifford. No Barney, No Tubbies, No Elmo. Sesame Street sold out when Elmo came around.

That new Asian cat show on PBS is NOT popular. Everything else is too late in the morning or during someone's naptime. We're big fans of Veggie Tales and Winnie the Pooh (not the new one).
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