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Things that hurt worse than labor

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So, before I had my baby, I was really nervous about labor. Everyone said it was the worst pain of their life. I had no idea how bad the pain would be, and if I would be able to handle it or not. But after she was born, I felt that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Now, mind you, I didn't have a painless labor. It HURT! But it's not the worst pain I can imagine, either. So, I started thinking about things that could hurt worse than going through labor.

Electro shock therapy
Thumb screws
Being drawn and quartered
A root canal without drugs

So, do you have anything to add to the list?

(It's supposed to be a lil lighthearted )
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The kidney stone I had 6 weeks postpartum hurt WAY worse than the natural childbirth of my son. I joked with the ER staff "Now can I have an epidural?"
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Being run over by a train?

Really, I think having my wisdom teeth out was worse in many ways. I was numb but awake. Knowing that they were grinding away at my jawbone was extremely distressing to me. And afterwards the pain meds made me sick. I wasn't back on my feet for about 3 days. (By comparison, a few hours after giving birth I felt like a million bucks! Wheee...adrenaline high!)
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Migraine headache I got from drinking a diet soda (I didn't realize the pitcher had diet in it until later!) that lasted two days.

Pulled muscle in my neck/shoulder... I could barely stand up the pain was so bad.

A broken bone... I've never had one, but from what I've heard and from watching my DS with an incredible pain tolerance go through it, that would hurt worse.

Great thread topic!

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Ya know, I cannot remember what labor felt like! I had 25 hours of "real labor," about 10 or "hard" labor, and weeks of prodromal labor. I cannot remember what any of it felt like! I know that it hurt, because I had to really focus through it or else I would start crying. I told DH I couldn't do it a couple times, but looking back on it I really can't remember the pain! So, I can't add to you list, Persephone!

Now, things that hurt less than the pain caused by a c-section...
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Ruptured ovarian cysts. I can definitely say that those hurt way worse than labor. Well, maybe not worse, but they hurt in a way that there's not a whole lot you can do, whereas labor hurts in a purposeful way.
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It sucks that so many women falsely believe they are feeling pain, when in fact they are feeling their body work/labor.

That is not to say that women do not feel pain, as I have had back labor with two, and that was friggin' painful. But the labor itself, was just really hard work. Like trying to run 100 miles without stopping, kwim?
The more fit you are and the more endurance your body is used to, the "easier" it is to labor without getting tired.
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My horse jumping ON me and dragging me down the 100 feet of gravel driveway. That hurt like hell. Picture Scooby and Shaggy. I'm Shaggy in this scenario and my horse Lucy is Scooby. A cat jumped on her back and she jumped on me, knocked me over, ran over me and dragged me through gravel. I should have let go, eh? That hurt so much more than my c-section recovery.
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Heck, the cervical checks in themselves were worse than anything in my labor other than the last few transition contrax.

I also suffered a fairly major upper back injury shortly after my daughter's birth, and some of the pain I suffered during that process was definitely worse than any stage of labor.

However, we can't discount those women who have had excruciating labors for whatever reason-- I think it probably sometimes is the worst.
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Ugh, I'd have to second getting my wisdom teeth pulled while awake. It was almost ten years before I could go to a dentist again after that, I was so traumatized.

Also I'd add the plugged duct that abcessed that I got when dd was three weeks old. I ended up needed to have it surgically removed, and the needle of novocaine injected into my infected engorged breast is probably the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. It was funny though, I had my dd w/me, and so all the nurses were asking about the birth, and nobody could believe that I had an almost ten lb baby at home w/no drugs. I so wanted to tell them on my way out that labor was nothing compared to those numbing shots.
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stubbing my toe- THAT HURTS!!!
A recent one-cutting my tumb while slicing my raw soap. Lye in an open wound holy CRICKEYS!!That hurt all day!
oral work. Surgery etc. WAY WORSE than any of my labours!
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a slipped and buldging disc (S5-L1) aka throwing my back out. THAT was pain. Shooting down my right leg, from the pinching of my sciatic nerve. I would give birth 100 times over than to experience that again.
I think the difference is that back pain never seems to end, and labor does have a conclusion- birth!
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Kidney stones WAY so much worse than natural childbirth. I'd rather have four babies than deal with that pain again.
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Migraines. Illness from food poisoning. Bad burns.
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Apparently DH's shoulder surgery hurt way worse than labour as he whined for a week afterwards. I don't recall whining for a week after I gave birth...
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I had Pit induced dry contractions with my twins, so that was some major pain. I've never had a vaginal birth so I can't compare anything to actually pushing the baby out.

These things hurt even more than contractions:
--Ear Infections
--Toothaches-especially when my wisdom teeth decide to pop through my gums, then go back in. OUCH.
--Trying to poop after being constipated for a week.
--Smashing my fingers in the door.

Non Physical Pain:
--Having my son die-much worse than any labor pain.
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The cramping pain of trying to pass a clot following my miscarriage definitely hurt worse than labor pains but it was (thankfully) much shorter.

I had back pain due to nerve damage from the epidural that left me completely immobilized for days. That hurt wayyyy more than labor. I had a c-section and that back pain hurt worse than recovering from the c-s. I remember thinking that I would just do the "20 minute slide" to get out of bed to go to the bathroom while I was having back pain just like I did with my c-section. Didn't work. I've never screamed and cried so much from pain in my entire life.
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Putting liquid Band-aid on a really deep cut. OMG I thought I was going to pass out from the pain right there. That was not the smartest thing I've ever done.
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I have to say a tooth that became abcessed was the most excruciating pain in the world. I was taking five advil and it did nothing. That was bad, vicodin did not touch it. That was worse than childbirth.
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