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C-section with inadequate anesthesia. Much more likely to give you PTSD and PPD than labor too.
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When I was pg, I was very confident about having a natural childbirth. I knew it would hurt, but I thought that with coping strategies I would be fine. My dd was sunny side up and boy was I in for a surprise! I was in agony. I begged for an epidural and I have a crooked spine so nobody felt comfortable giving me one. Finally, when I was between 7 and 8 cm an experienced anesthesiologist came in and gave me one. I am totally anti C-section unless mother and baby are in danger and I was begging for one if I didn't get the epi. After going through that I can honestly say that I can't imagine anything more painful. It was pure torture.
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Everyone's labor is different, but based on my 3 experiences (and other pain I have experienced) these three things are worse:

-gall stones (or more accurately gall bladder attacks)
-hip dislocation
-food poisoning
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I agree with kidney stones being worse than labor! That was the worst pain of my life.
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Huh. Maybe I've just led a charmed life, but absolutely nothing I've ever experienced has been more painful than childbirth.
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This isn't painful but I would rather go through labor four times (and it HURT!) than vomit. I hate to throw up.
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For me:

true food poisoning
any shot or blood draw
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Well, labor was pretty crazy painful, but when I was a teenager I had to have my nose cauterized because of terrible nosebleeds (like, end up in the hospital with 5 feet of gauze packed into my nostrils to stop the bleeding terrible, over and over again).

Essentially, cauterization is when they burn the inside of your nose to form scar tissue over the sensitive tissue to deter future nosebleeds. OMG! I will never forget that pain - I lay in my bed in absolute agony for a day afterwards. (And I STILL get the occasional nosebleed.)

Somebody mentioned broken bones - I have had several (some of which required surgery and pins to mend) and for me none ranked on the pain meter anywhere close to either cauterization or childbirth. Yikes!
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pinched neck nerves
leg cramps
PUPPPs rash
back nerve pain

- Krista
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Urinary tract infection. We originally thought it was preterm labor and after 2 completely drug free labors I was begging for the epidural withing 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital. They did offer me some mighty fine drugs. but with the promise of relief in sight I opted not to. That was far and away the most painful thing I have every experianced.

i have had menstral cramps worse than labor. But withuot a doubt they were not your ordinary cramps.

I bruised the area between my bone and muscle. can't remember what it was called but it still makes me want to throw up a little when I think about how much it hurt.

And I had back labor. :
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Kidney stones, hands down. And you don't get a cute baby afterwards. You get some little teeny weeny stone that doesn't look like it would hurt anyone.
I've had 2 so far this pregnancy. Yuck!
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Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies
It sucks that so many women falsely believe they are feeling pain, when in fact they are feeling their body work/labor.

That is not to say that women do not feel pain, as I have had back labor with two, and that was friggin' painful. But the labor itself, was just really hard work. Like trying to run 100 miles without stopping, kwim?
The more fit you are and the more endurance your body is used to, the "easier" it is to labor without getting tired.
call it what you want i still say labor hurts but not as bad as delivery!
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I had appendicitis when I was 7 or so and still remember that pain very vividly. I've also had a collapsed lung and that hurt worse. I broke my toe and that didn't hurt as much but having the total idiot doctor reset it when I SAID that the novicaine wasn't working hurt much worse.
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Another vote for kidney stones. Having pneumonia and pluersy (sp?) at the same time was pretty awful also. For me labor was not that bad as long as I got to move when I needed to and delivery was more of a relief that I could do something to make the pain go away.
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Abscessed teeth are the WORST!

I have on right now on my lower jaw, and the darn tooth is very curved and near my wisdom tooth so for some reason (beyond my knowledge) the dentist isn't comfy doing the root canal himself, so i have to go to an endodontist. Being pregnant, I can't really take much if anything. I went through nights of crying with no sleep, not eating and finally I ended up getting penicillin for the infection and vicodin to help me sleep. Vicodin barely helps and it makes me feel like crap taking it while pregnant. I had a start of a root canal the other day to 'relieve some of the pressure', since the surgeon can't take me until the 20th(!!!), and that hurt so freaking bad.

I'd take childbirth over this crap anyday.
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Hands down labor hurts more than anything I can concieve of (for ME and MY body ).
I honestly believe that everyone experiences childbirth differently (and pain itself differently for that matter). My first labor and delivery was at home without meds and was extremely painful and traumatic. I honestly just wanted to die and was very upset about the experience for a long time afterward.

I have had 5 root canals (and I don't take anethesethic well so they have to redo the shots of novicaine when they hit a nerve deep down).
I have had appendicitis (and appendix removal).
Several UTI's
Wisdom teeth extracted (followed by dry socket).
A handful of serious migraine headaches.
Random other painful things.

My last labor and delivery went much better as I decided well in advance to get the epidural. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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No, I've had a root canal without drugs - it's not that bad.

I've never had a kidney stone.
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Originally Posted by aprilushka
C-section with inadequate anesthesia. Much more likely to give you PTSD and PPD than labor too.
I've had a section with inadequate anesthesia and (yes it is a great recipe for PTSD). I will check back in and let you all know if my delivery was worse than the section w/out enough meds.
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I second the absessed tooth, food poisoning & delivery!
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childbirth was pure hell and were it not for that fact that i want more children, I would never ever consider doing anything that horribly painful ever again.

My infected/abcessed wisdom teeth, for which i took so many pain meds i OD'ed(like a whole bottle in like 2 hours, because i was so frantic to stop the pain!!), and ended up having my stomach emptied, was nothing at all compared to labor. NOTHING!
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