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I had a large wooden box fall on my knee a few years ago at work and that was the worst pain I've ever felt.

I've had menstral cramps that felt like I was being run over by a train.

And I'd go through labor 10x over not to have an entire pregnancy of vomiting several times a day. Ugh, that was horrible.
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I had a migraine when I was 12 weeks pregnant that lasted for 4 days...I was at Disney World too. I spent two days of it in a very dark hotel room. That just about killed me - not being able to take anything for it, and not being able to be out there in Disney with my Dh and 4 year old.
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In the first trimester of my pregnancy with DS, I developed a nasty toothache. I really needed it either pulled or a root canal, and my obnoxious dentist refused to do anything at all until I was in the second trimester. Except recommend Tylenol, which was a joke. Not having a choice of dentist, without having to pay in full, I lived with the pain for three weeks.

That was the worst pain I ever experienced. Labor pain comes and goes and you have a chance to rest and renew yourself in between contractions, and the really intense part doesn't last all that long, really. My toothache was constant, debilitating pain that I lived with for three whole weeks, so bad that all I could do most days was sit on my bed and sway back and forth and groan.

I've also had cramping with my Irritable Bowel that was as painful as an active labor contraction, but I can't say it's worse than labor since it only lasts a few minutes.
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Sun burning your retinas aka "snow blindness". Way worse.
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well, a lot of things hurt worse when you don't get a sweet baby at the end.

That said, the only thing that's hurt me more was an injection into the sole of my foot (local anesthesia). I will never, ever consent to that again if I can possibly avoid it. Lord.
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having a small tumor removed from my eyeball. surgery was excrutiating, recovery was god-awful, and the healing process was miserable - ever had an ichy eyeball? sand in a very deep cut? stitches in your eyeball?

labor was a breeze - and didn't last three weeks .
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Ooh, the worst pain ever is when you bang your kneecap on something in just the wrong place--maybe it's just me, but that pain makes me feel faint and sweaty and nauseous, seriously. Thankfully it only lasts a minute or two, but man--it's worst. Very weird that it should be that intense, but nerves are strange things sometimes...
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I got two:

1. Wisdom tooth cutting through my gum at age 21 (plus the injection of pain medication into my palate when I had to have it removed).

2. Straight catheter DURING labor because I kept peeing during contractions. My husband had bruises for days on his arm from my hitting him during that ... I'd go through another c-section before going through a straight cath again.

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Running and finishing a marathon on an injured knee and crying EVERY step of the way. Labor was WAY easier.
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Having the battery fail in the morphine drip in the post-op area immediately after an emergency c-section was definitely more painful than even the pitocin-induced hell contractions that I'd just had.
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I accidently rubbed my nose after chopping a jalapeno pepper once. The burning made me run out the back door and sprint around the yard! I seriously considered calling 911.
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Wanna chime in and add a vote for Not Painful at All, but Very Intense Work.
Gotta say I agree the reputation of CB was waaaaaay overstated in my case. It was very intense work, and very rewarding. Not once did I think, "I can't do this." or "No." or "Please make it stop" or other nasties. It was actually blissful for me. I sure wish this kind of experience for many, many more mothers.

PP mentioned earache and wow, I winced just reading that. Earaches kill me.
Oh, and breastfeeding. Toe-curling experience for weeks. Yikes. I know, "If you're doing it right it doesn't hurt." But it did. And she's nearing 3 and still nursing. It got better.
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I have to second (and third an fourth) the toothache. I went to a conference in San Fran last Oct, and the first night there I woke up at 2 am with a toothache. My 5 days later, the flight home almost made me unconscious from pain (my dentist later said that I had an abscess and must have had a little air trapped in it that expanded during landing. That night (I came home on a Sunday night) was the worst night of my life. It felt like something was trying to peck it's way out of my cheekbone. I hurt so much I felt disoriented - and I finally understood how people in pain feel, and how sometimes you would just do anything to get rid of the pain.
My dentist was nice enough to get me in first thing in the morning. I could hardly even make coherent sentences to tell him what was wrong. He told me I needed a root canal, and did I want to go ahead now, or did I need time to think about it? I said "If you offered to cut my head off right now, I'd let you." Local anesthesia never felt so good.
I'm thankful my labors were nothing like that!
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Originally Posted by bobandjess99

childbirth was pure hell and were it not for that fact that i want more children, I would never ever consider doing anything that horribly painful ever again.
True that. I don't really remember the pain now. But I do remember being in so much pain that I wanted to die. Litteraly, I wanted to nurses to give me something that would kill me, I even treaded lightly ointo that dark place of not caring if my unborn baby lived, I just had to die to stop the hurting.

Now I know I had some extenuating circumstances going on that made my labor rougher than it probably will be with babe #2, and I now know what it is to love a child so I doubt it will be as bad the next time, since I know what the prize will be at the end.
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Originally Posted by amyjeans
a slipped and buldging disc (S5-L1) aka throwing my back out. THAT was pain. Shooting down my right leg, from the pinching of my sciatic nerve.
Sadly, I am there right now. And for the 3rd time in my life. I'm starting to rethink my FitMama handle.

Anyway, the WORST pain was recovering from a cystoscopy, a procedure I had done when I was suffering from frequent UTIs. They filled my bladder with water, then used a fiber optic camera to look around in there. It was uncomfortable, but tolerable. But for 48 hours following that, it burned, no, SEARED, from my urethra to what seemed to be the base of my brain. And I got to pass clots while urinating. I thought I was going to DIE.

NCB was a walk in the park compared to that.
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oh yeah I wanted chime in with ear infection. especially when flying. far worse than labor and lasted longer.

I should poitn out that outside transition hell I have very easy labors. but hey 1 hour of pain. whats that :
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Labouring on my back in the hospital was excruciating hell compared with labouring upright and safely at home.

The ear infection I got from the hospital which dislocated my jaw with the swelling it caused and made me take the painkillers they'd given me after my c-sec that I absolutely didn't need for that!

Impacted, infected wisdom teeth but that was worse after I had them out and when I learnt that codeine doesn't work on me. So teeth out, no subsequent pain relief. Unbelievably agonising.

Give me labour any day over those!
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worst by far was my first birth (hospital) where my labor was stuck at 8 cm--in transition--for 10 hours. That was the worst pain I could even imagine, worse than torture, sheer unending agony. But I was so committed to a natural birth... Like artgoddess, there were complications...my Cervix swelled instead of dilating...no explanation why except the discomfort of the hospital situation itself...IV, being on my back, too many intrusions, no food, etc...I finally broke down and had to have a light epidural with pit)

Kidney stone would be right next in line.

BUT to the OP: My second birth was just 4 weeks ago at home, an unassisted home birth in the tub. 4 hours start to finish, and although intense I wouldn't exactly call it painful. It truly was a wonderful experience! My advice is to read as many birth stories/books as you can, and study what to expect, how to handle any emergencies that arise, then plan your own homebirth! It was the high point of my whole life.

(BTW artgoddess that's EXACTLY how I felt after hours of irregular cx with the swelling...I'm gonna die anyway, just please have mercy and put me out of my misery)

Birth doesn't have to be awful, it can be fantastic.
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Originally Posted by sunnylady303
This isn't painful but I would rather go through labor four times (and it HURT!) than vomit. I hate to throw up.
I agree. In fact that's what I'm least looking forward to this time if it happens again-- puking out all the contents of my stomach! I'm hoping having a drug free labor this time will make some difference to at least the quantity of vomiting even if I can't avoid it all together.
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For me, third degree burns over most of my left hand. Yeah, the skin was falling off. It was HORRIBLE. I'll take labor 1000X over to doing that again.
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