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fwiw, i had a long (24hours) pitocin-induced labour with my first, and a 40 *minute* (unplanned) unassisted homebirth with my second

though the pit was HORRENDOUS...it doesnt come close to:

-sciatica pain

-TMJ pain that leaves me sobbing in a room rocking back and forth literaly making me feel i'll be driven to insanity with its piercing stabbing knife in the head pain. oh my ...talk about wanting to die :

-tooth infection...especially when the infection goes DEEP intothe gumline, spreads to the jaw, ear, throat and reaches the brain

give me pitocin anyday ( and NO i'm not advocating induction . YUCK) rather than endure even a minute of those other 3

oh and p.s. the stitches i got after my 2nd hurt WAY worse than labour. uNBELIEVABLE ..and that was *with* a shot of lidocaine..i cant even imagine if they didnt do the shot
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One more vote for gallstones. I'd take a MONTH of active labor over 1 minute of that pain again. Ugh!
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Gallstones. Oh, god, yes. I had to have an emergency gallbladder removal when my DS was about a month, so I was in a very good place to compare. It's the only time I can think of where you can have a surgeon rip your belly open and remove something and still feel 100% better the second you come out of surgery. That HURT.

Also, when I was about 18 I was helping my mother move furniture and got the edge caught under my toenail. Not only did it rip the nail up, but peices of my gignatic fuzzy wool socks got caught under the nail on it's way down. I had to go to the ER to have them removed which is STILL, even after unmedicated childbirth and a five day unremitting gallstone attack, by far the most painful experience of my life. I totally understand why toenail removal was a medieval torture device... I was screaming and puking and begging them to stop before they were done.
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I'm so lucky that I haven't had any gallstones, dental work, kidney stones or anything icky like anyone has described. I have had 2 natural births though!!!!

I have to admit I'm the BIGGEST wimp when it comes to pain (and being cold). I'll scream for an epidural when I stub my toe (which I find VERY painful but probably because it's more annoying than anything else), but childbirth is fine for me. Maybe it's because when I stub my toe, all I get is a very sore body part. When I have a baby, it's pain with a purpose and I get a beautiful baby out of it all!!!!

So for me, slamming fingers and stubbing toes hurts worse than childbirth.
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Pit labour is worse than labour - by a long way
Abcess from broken teeth close to that
DVT from ankle to groin and leg growing more purple by the minute is also right up there.

Labour is lovely because there is a beautiful end in sight. My mum told me this when I was expecting ds1 and it did keep me going. The afterpains after no3 were something else though!
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Originally Posted by neveryoumindthere
the stitches i got after my 2nd hurt WAY worse than labour. uNBELIEVABLE ..and that was *with* a shot of lidocaine..i cant even imagine if they didnt do the shot
2nd degree tear, 2 shots of lidocaine, 2 stitch kits. WAY worse than anything else.
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Originally Posted by MovingMomma
2nd degree tear, 2 shots of lidocaine, 2 stitch kits. WAY worse than anything else.
OMG yes!! I was cut 4th degree, right through all the muscles and nerves. The last few stitches were NOT numbed. I screamed and screamed. Holy hell.
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Originally Posted by turtlemama77
Ruptured ovarian cysts. I can definitely say that those hurt way worse than labor. Well, maybe not worse, but they hurt in a way that there's not a whole lot you can do, whereas labor hurts in a purposeful way.
YES! They are VERY painful. No wonder I was able to have a natural childbirth so easily! After 4 ruptured cysts and then one big kidney stone at 8 mos preg, labor was a breeze.
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I've passed kidney stones twice and worked thru the pain, didn't even miss work! So I thought I wouldn't mind labor and childbirth. And it was ok for me, I was smiling and chatting through contractions and up till it was time to push.

But I developed e. coli (causing hemmoraghic colitis) 24 hours after my birthing. I thought I was going to DIE. The pain was incredible and I can't imagine anything more painful.
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APPENDICITIS!!!! The pain hit like a freight train and just kept getting worse and worse exponentially no matter what I did.

I've had earaches that I'd trade in a minute for labor.

I imagine broken bones, toothaches, cysts to be worse.

Labor for me wasn't what I'd describe as 'painful'- INTENSE yes, but not true pain, mostly because I knew it was for a purpose. The closest I came to pain, and what I would describe as miserable, was transition in hospital while being harrassed by doc and staff, scared to death they would force me into another c-section, clinging to the bed they had at some impossible angle, with an internal fetal monitor they forced on me... it was horrible and I fully understand why women ask for pain relief in situations like that. I know that if I'd been able to move around I would have been fine. Yes, there are times during labor my mind is frantically seeking an escape ("Oh, the MW is here.... I hear the oxygen tank..... I wonder if I ask her for a nasal cannula if this would go away or be alleviated a little bit...."). Like the OP said, being drawn and quartered, maybe flayed, even beat with a cat-o-nine tails - those would be some serious PAIN!

fun thread!
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For me nothing. Not a broken bone, migraine, the pain after an operation, an irritated toothnerve killing me for 4 months requiring opoids to sleep more than 2 hours in one go ( I managed 4 hours like this)......truly nothing

I wish I could say it wasn't that bad, I've heard that,too.

Actually...the episotomy was just as bad, if you ask me, it's barbaric to cut women's vaginas without any local anaesthesia, I don't think any man would let anyone cut their balls just like that
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I really don't think that labor is all too painful. I think it hurts, but the pain is bareable at least for me it is.

I thought my afterpains with my second two were way worse. Like the worst menstrual cramps I've ever had, and I was used to bad cramps before kids.

I also had an episiotomy with my first and the healing from that was pretty awful.

Both of my boys were not nice to me when they were learning how to nurse. They gave me horribly bloody nipples and it was excruciating every time they would latch on. :

I remember having earaches as a kid and I know those hurt really bad.

I've heard kidney stones cause the worst pain. My MIL has had them and she said the pain was awful.
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Originally Posted by Persephone
So, before I had my baby, I was really nervous about labor. Everyone said it was the worst pain of their life. I had no idea how bad the pain would be, and if I would be able to handle it or not. But after she was born, I felt that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Now, mind you, I didn't have a painless labor. It HURT! But it's not the worst pain I can imagine, either. So, I started thinking about things that could hurt worse than going through labor.

Electro shock therapy
Thumb screws
Being drawn and quartered
A root canal without drugs

So, do you have anything to add to the list?

(It's supposed to be a lil lighthearted )
Gallbladder pain. Does this count?
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Smashing ice cold toes into a metal bed frame at a brisk walk hurt me way more than natural labour You know the type of pain where you're hopping up and down for a good five to ten minutes swearing your face off?
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I'd go with sciatica. I could walk through labor, couldn't even crawl w/sciatica.
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shattered knee cap. sorry for the image, but it's true.
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the darn cryosurgery on my cervix for "abnormal cells" only lasted about 2 minutes but hurt a million times worse than my 20 hour labor. I even had 2 Xanax's before the cryo- and nothing at all for pain during labor. I would gladly go through another 20 hour labor rather than have another cryo.

that and dislocating my knee
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I was lucky enough to have a relatively painless L&D. Things that hurt worse?

my surgery for ACL reconstruction
tearing my ACL in the first place
Getting fillings
pre-term labor
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I have to agree with ruptured ovarian cysts, too. Although I've had them rupture during pg and during the pushing stage of birth, and the latter hurt *waaayyy* more. And I have ovarian cysts again in this pg, so woo hoo, I have something to look forward to during pushing. : Though I do realize that maybe I'll be spared this time...

The thing for me that really helps is that labor contractions aren't constant... they hurt for the duration of the contraction, then you get a little break. Whereas other unpleasant painful experiences I've had (like the cysts, recovering from a cesarean, afterbirth pains, migraines, oral surgery, an anal fissure, breaking my wrist--you get the picture) meant constant pain, often which didn't respond well to painkillers. And you know the labor won't go on forever, whereas the pain from all of the above things (with the exception of the cysts rupturing, thankfully) meant pain for a longer period of time, and not always with a clear end in sight.
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