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Boycott People Magazine?

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Here is my letter to the editor:

To the Editor:
I was excited to pick up your magazine with the cover story "Body After Baby." I don’t usually buy your magazine, but since I recently have had another child, I was interested to see what your story offered.

I was extremely disappointed in the adjoining article "Nature's Diet?" on page 124 regarding breast-feeding and losing weight.

The following quote by Dr. Steven R. Goldstein was totally unnecessary and is potentially damaging to all children: "For every woman who claims she lost weight nursing...nine claim they didn't until they stopped.".

Our culture is dominated by media that glorifies unhealthy images of thin women. To encourage early weaning or to not breastfeed at all is horribly negligent, both to women and children.

Babies who are not breastfed and are fed artificial baby milk are at huge risk for ear infections, obesity, Juvenile Diabetes and a whole range of other maladies. Women who choose to not breastfeed put themselves at greater risk for getting breast cancer.

I would like to refer you to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recommends a minimum of 1 year of breastfeeding as well as the World Health Organization, which recommends a minimum of 2 years of breastfeeding. Here are their sites:



Whenever we, as a community, talk about breastfeeding we must do so in the most accurate light as possible. Dr. Goldstein’s comment is not based in fact but is annecdotal and can easily be misconstrued as medical advice.

Please retract Dr. Goldstein’s statement and print an accurate reflection of the benefits of breastfeeding. Until so, I plan to boycott your magazine.


You can send your letter to:

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People is published by Time Warner and I am going to boycot all their publications. If you go to www.aoltimewarner.com and select companies then Time Inc. you can pull up a list of all their magazines. It's time the media stopped using our health and our children's health for their own benefit instead of providing us with the true information this country so desperatlely needs.
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my two cents

weightloss should not be more important than your feeding choice.

who cares if you loose it fast or not.
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And last time I checked, men couldn't breastfeed, so I am pretty sure that "Dr." Goldstein doesn't speak from experience.

Even if BF didn't promote weight loss (whic it DOES), who cares?

I thought People was crappy before, and after reading this, I won't even read it at the dentist's for irritainment.

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The following quote by Dr. Steven R. Goldstein was totally unnecessary and is potentially damaging to all children: "For every woman who claims she lost weight nursing...nine claim they didn't until they stopped.".
I just read this issue at my chiropractor's office the other day. Not that a woman should nurse her baby just to lose weight... but it's always mentioned as a benefit for women that are nursing.

Thanks, People, for the negative press on breastfeeding!
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Well, here's my anecdotal evidence: I love to tell people that my extra pregnancy weight just melted off once I was breastfeeding PAST A YEAR. In other words, those women who he says "didn't until they stopped" probably didn't breastfeed for very darn long. I haven't seen the article, but I doubt he took the time to point that out. Or, the fact that you really shouldn't be losing a lot of weight early on while you're breastfeeding.
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CK's mama,

I gained 60 lbs with DS1 and lost about all, but 10 lbs by a year, but it really is as ShellyK said, the second year where it really melts off and you look really good. Of course I also saw that from my non-nursing friends as well. The worked really hard and were down about 10 lbs away and it was in the second year post partum that they finally lost that weight.

You can try and trick your body by weaning and working out really hard - or you can nurse.

I choose nursing!
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I lost 24 pounds between giving birth and the 6 week checkup, and then 20 more by the time ds was 7 or 8 months old. I weigh less now than before I got pregnant. He's 28 months now, and yes, we are "still" nursing.
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well I am bf-ing and ds is 9 months and I am having a heck of a time losing weight.

My Midwife told me sometimes the body holds onto 10-15 lbs for "insurance" while it is using so many resources to make milk.

And I felt really really bad after being told the weight was going to melt off.. it gave me expectations and I got depressed when it didn't happen.

I am totally committed to bf-ing anyway... I guess I wish the "weight" aspect of it wasn't played up so much.

I guess that's why I am not offended by that quote... maybe I need to read the whole article to get it in context.
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I agree with there being a "second wind" to pg loss with nursing. With DD I was back to pre-pg weight (which was overwieght) fairly quickly, but then after she was 18 months I lost about 20 more lbs without effort. Now DS is 17 months and I have actually put on weight (up from his pre-pg weight, still down from DD's) but I think that has to do with DD weaning. Anyway, don't count yourself "out" until your child is a *lot* older for loosing weight while nursing!

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I bf dd1 for 8 months, dd2 is 2.5 and still nursing. It took the same amount of time (1 year) to lose the weight.

I think bf helping lose weight is a crock of @##@. But I wouldn't tell that to preg people!!
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i think age may have something to do with it, too (rate of metabolism)... when my dd was born (1986), my 70 lb of pregnancy fat melted off like magic; now that I am 40 with two littles, baby & toddler nursing practically nonstop, it is coming off, but MUCH more slowly (I'm down from 175 pregnant to 153 6 months later, last count.) I'll worry about slimming down to a svelte 130 again when both babies are just comfort nursing in a few years.

Yes, the People article was damaging & awful.

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People Responds to me!

Dear Reader,

Thank you for writing to PEOPLE Magazine.

We appreciate the interest that prompted your response to our blurb “Nature’s Diet” in the February 10 issue. Whether or not you are in agreement with Dr. Steven Goldstein’s professional medical opinion, we do not believe the legitimacy of his opinion can be or should be discounted. Nevertheless, as a means of objectivity, we also included in the article the professional assessment of Dr. Sheryl Ross, who does advocate breast-feeding to new mothers “so [they] can lose the weight faster.” In summary, there are varying beliefs in the medical community concerning the correlation between breastfeeding and weight loss, and PEOPLE was simply reporting those varying beliefs. We regret that you were unhappy with our article and we appreciate your sharing your point of view with us.


E. McIntyre

For the editors

And here is my response back to them

To: E. McIntyre

You have completely missed the point. As my friend says:

With the exception of women who REALLY can't breastfeed, deciding whether nursing or formula helps you lose weight quicker, is like deciding whether smoking or not smoking helps a gal stay slim.

This is a global health issue. Oh, but excuse me. I forgot, People Magazine doesn’t care about American women’s health. What was I thinking?
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