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MY dd is off the charts literally. She is 24 lbs at 6 months. BF is a beautiful thing because there is no concerns with overeating. We are even in XL diapers right now. So relax and keep those on demand feedings going.
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I just wanted to join in the chorus of folks saying "don't worry!" Your chunky monkey is just fine. My own (breastfed) kids are always little chubbies. My older son was 20lbs at 5 mos, & my 2.5 month old is 16.5lbs. He's very rolly & his double chin is hilarious. I think it's just what's in our genes. Your dd's genes are telling her to be a little tubster!
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When my older kids were babies and were EBF and got huge, I expressed some concern. My doctor - an older guy who had been around for quite some years - told me that his patients that were "big" and BF never had weight issues. He said he never worried about BF babies weighing too much at such young ages. Keep doing what you're doing.
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My ds was 26 lbs. 10 oz. at nine months. A total chunky-monkey. But he has been thinning out since then. At 15 months he was 27 lbs. 8 oz. so he had slowed substantially. Just love the baby rolls!
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I'd just like to add yet another set of experiences to this list! All of my three were EBF and the first two were 18 lbs at a year (weighing 5 lbs 13 oz and 8lbs 3 oz respectively at birth) and this last one is a chunky monkey (weighed 8lbs 7oz at birth) and is nine months and already weighs 20lbs. I haven't changed one thing and I nursed on demand and constantly with all of them. It just depends on the baby and their metabolism and size. Sounds like your little one is doing just fine!

As for me, I'm enjoying the baby rolls, chubby cheeks and dimpled skin for the first time w/#3!
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Not sure if this os off track or not....

But you say that he takes EBM in a bottle during the day, and that he is not taking as much as you would think....is he in daycare? If so, is it possible that they are feeding him something else? My neice was in daycare for a while and there were explicit direction of NO SOLIDS until my SIL directed them to do so. But then one day she questioned a helper about what her daughter had to eat, and cereal was mentioned!
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The fat cells aquired from breastmilk don't stayafter weaning. Babies can't overeat on breastmilk.
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sounds good to me!!! (and cute.....I loved squeezing those cute little legs on mine)

both of mine were major chunkomatics. My first was 9lbs 11 oz at birth, and 30 lbs at one year. Always at the top of or off the charts for height and weight, now around 90th percentile at 5 years.

nothing wrong with it.
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The curve is different with breastfed babies.
The normal healthy breastfed baby is chunkiest at about 6 months, and then tapers off on weight gain.
THey gain lots of weight really quickly (which is protective to a little baby's health and prepares for rapid growth later) and then slow down to a crawl between 6 and 12 months.
A 6 month old chubby breastfed baby is NOT overweight. This same baby will likely think out a great deal in the next 6 months.
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