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Could be... Isn't there a sort of pug that cannot deliver its young vaginally, but has to have C-sections? I'm pretty sure I just heard this recently. If it could happen in another species, why not ours? I think, though, it would take LOTS of time and drastic reductions of or even erradication of vaginal births.
Bulldogs and a few toy breeds are often (though not always) born by c-section--bulldogs mainly for their large heads. But this is not an example of evolution--it's an example of messing with natural evolution, since bulldogs were "built" by human breeding practices, as were most if not all dog breeds. They would likely not have evolved that way on their own--if a mother dog can't birth her pups on her own in the wild, she will die and her puppies with her, taking themselves out of the gene pool. It's the strong, easy-birthing dogs that pass their genes on, in the natural world. But the world of dog breeding isn't generally about "natural", as far as I can tell! (That's not a criticism--I like to watch dog shows as much as the next person! )