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Help, advise, support needed!!!

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I am currently nursing my 21 month old, Emma Sage. I natually and child lead weaned my older three children, one at 18 months [was 4 months pregnant with #2 and she just plain old stopped nursing on her own :0(] one at 3 years 8 months and one at 4 years 3 months.....I want to nurse Emma Sage for as long as possible because she also has Down syndrome and I know through nursing her diet is the best it possibly can be to help her develop and grown.

My problem. I have red, sore nipples, and her little front teeth [they are like razors] are digging in and cutting my nipple. I have been using Lanolin and even tried cutting up an adheasive bandage just to put as a buffer for her teeth....[she protested that one and refused to nurse with the bandage on my nipple].

I don't know if my nipples are so red from an infection [I was thinking Thrush???] or just the cold or what?

I would love any advise any of you can give me and I will not give up ship, but I am in so much pain when she latches on and the cuts on my nipples scare me that she might keep digging deeper and deeper.

Thanks for any ideas you can give me.

Peace and love, Tara Marie,,,proud momma to Katrina 13, Greta 11, Otto 6 and Emma Sage almost 21 months
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When my dd was 6 mos. old, we got a bad case of thrush. She began nursing kind of rough and my nipples began to get sore. I also thought she was biting me because I had nasty gashes on my nipples. We went to the doctor and got a prescription for diflucan. We later had a less severe case and I made a simple thrush oil that worked wonderfully. It is 2 TBS. of olive oil with 8 drops each tea tree and lavender essential oils. Rub the oil inside baby's mouth and on mom's nipples. I also still continue to take an acidophilus supplement each day. It is very difficult to nurse when your nipples are sore, you are a strong, wonderful mama for doing so. Good luck and take care!
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Thanks Susan for the advise and support!!

I was talking with my sister and she reminded me that this also happened when Emma Sage first started teething [at 15 months] and she is currently getting her eye-teeth and bottom center teeth [it is interesting to see how the extra genetic make-up affects her teeth eruption pattern as opposed to my typically chromosomed children] and she suggested that maybe Emma Sage's ph goes way off balance in her mouth and that it might be real acidic and that is what is causing me to get sore and red.

I looked into my Wise woman herbal book and will try your remedy on my nipples tonight.

I never had issues with nursing [for over 10 years of total nursing time] and my heart goes out to every mom who has to deal with sore, cracked nipples. I have tried using mediation and deep focusing when she first latches on, but it is so hard that the tears usually start flowing from the pain.

Hug your little nursling for me and I will post an update when I can.

Peace and love, Tara Marie
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Putting vitamin E directly on your nipples might help, too. It has "saved" my nipples and sanity many times.

Good luck!
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Sorry you're feeling so rotten. Her teething may be causing her to nurse strangely or differently than she has in the past.
Work with her on positioning, and try to limit nursing acrobatics Make sure she's still opening her mouth wide when she latches on.
If you think you might have thrush, talk to your health care provider about diflucan or othe treatment.
All the best.
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often teething will cause a baby to change the way it sucks, which can cause mama pain. In fact, that's how I can often tell Ava's getting a new tooth--even before she shows any other signs of teething. If that's the case, things should be back to normal in a few days.

Good luck to you!

peace, Beth
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A Big Thank you to you all!

I am much better now. My left nipple is still a little sore, but nothing like it had been.

I really think it has everything to do with her teething, a combination between her salvia ph and her sharp little teeth.

I was so taken by surprise by this as I have nursed for over 10 years total nursing time in my life and I figured that my nipples were made of steel.

Isn't it interesting how life can surprise you. I know have such a great sense of sympathy for any woman who suffers from sore, cracked nipples.

I have been also putting vitamin E on, as the lanolin sometimes gets too thick.

Again, thanks to you all for reach out to us......it help the journey through pain go smoother.

Peace and love,

Tara Marie, proud Momma to Katrina 13, Greta 11, Otto 6 and Emma Sage 21 months/Down syndrome
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Is it possible that she is seeking sensory type stimulation by "chewing" on you? (similar to rocking or simply an oral stimulation need due to her physical delays?)Maybe give her a towel or wash cloth to chew on to "get it out of her system" before nursing? or practice brushing her teeth with those nubby rubber tooth brush trainers before nursing.
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