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Nursing Clothes

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I'm not normally one who wears nursing clothes (why, when you can just pull up a t-shirt), but I'd like a swimsuit that will be good for this summer and I'd love one high quality nursing dress for spring/summer activities (Easter, weddings, etc.).

Does anyone have any recommendations for stores? I've got a Motherwear catalog... do you have experience with them?

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here's a bunch of links:

that last one has some great swimsuits, maternity and nursing, and now is the time to get them before people start ordering in droves and they get back-ordered.
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Just wanted to add one more:

I know they're pricy, but I've been happy with most of the things I've gotten from them.

Edited to add: Um, durh, you asked about them! I do like them. I just had to figure out which style of shirt works for me (crop with two openings rather than side openings) and since then I've liked everything I've ordered from them.

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I've ordered from Motherwear and really like their clothes. They also have a great return policy if you don't like what you get for whatever reason. I bought a pair of pajama pants from them that ripped after a month of use. I contacted them about it and they refunded my money.
They have a new nursing opening called a "tuckable"--I just got one of those shirts from them (a v-day gift from DH) and it is fabulous. I like that opening much better than others; it's easy and doesn't look like a nursing shirt *at all*.
They have some swimsuits and dresses in the clearance section of their website that you might want to check out.
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i have lots of motherwear stuff, & I agree, it's comfortable & very high quality, but many of the items I have from them have such a wide neckline that it is impossible to wear a bra with them (after struggling with trying to get bras to fit 'off the shoulder, lol, I gave up & just wear that stuff at home.) make sure that what you get doesn't have such a big scoop of a neck that you can't wear it out! (presuming that you wear a bra to weddings even *I* do then!)

one more, a favorite of mine:


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The summer after ds was born I wore a regular one piece suit with a Motherwear nursing tank top over it. (in the same color)
I would just slide the strap down over my shoulder and arm and then nurse him through the shirt.
Last summer I bought a Lands End sport tankini. I can kind of flip the shelf bra up over my breast and nurse him under the top. Of course this summer he will be 3, so I don't think it matters what kind of suit I am wearing...

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I love my Motherwear swimsuit. It's flattering and I'm able to nurse without a giant towel over my shoulder.
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I own a bunch of stuff from Motherwear and just love them. I just ordered a nursing swimsuit, too!
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