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implantation cramping

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Hi, I'm mostly a lurker here, but I was wondering if I could get some feedback.
Did any of you experience cramping with implantation? If so, how bad was it? How long did it last? A few hours? All day?
I'm 8dpo--first O since birth of 21m old nursling. I have had pink-tinged CM (sorry if TMI) and cramping off and on for about 5 hours so far today. It is awfully early for af cramping, but who knows how my cycle could be screwed up starting back after so long.
Any experience/advice in this area would be much appreciated!
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I'm not sure if this was implantation cramping, because it happened exactly 1 week before I found out I was pregnant, so that would have been 3 wks preg LMP, but I experience awful cramping for about 2 hours. It was actually kind of painful.
From what I've read though, 8 dpo is right on for implantation!
Good luck,
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When I've gotten implantation cramping, it's sort of felt like I feel the day before I get my period -- not exactly all-out cramps, just an aura of crampiness in my pelvis.

Are you temping? If so, you could see if you had a temp spike, or if your temps are higher than usual now. It's definitely about the right time.

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I haven't been temping. I thought it would be too frustrating and would just feed my slightly obsessive nature.
Let me explain...my 21m old ds still nurses plenty and I haven't had a period yet. I didn't expect to O any time soon. But ds was quite sick a few weeks ago and was so congested he didn't nurse for 4 days. I didn't see any change in my CM immediately, so didn't start temping. Then, when I had tons of O symptoms, including EWCM, I figured I wouldn't be able to tell anything if I started temping then anyway.
If I'm not pg, it seems awfully early to be seeing af symptoms.

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