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Originally posted by bananasmom
Chelly2003 - what thyroid tests did they do? What were your results? Did they just do TSH or did they test for anti-thyroid antibodies as well (ATA)? I ask, because if you have a high number of ATAs, that can effect how you feel. (I have auto-immune thyroid disease w/high ATAs... dx after pregnancy)

The only tests I've had so far is the ultrasound to confirm the nodule. And a blood test - I don't know what kind that was, but they said it was fine. The doctor is supposed to be contacting me this week to set up an appointment for a test where they will inject a dye and then follow it to see if it gets absorbed by the nodule or not.
I've not been feeling much into more tests, so I haven't phoned the doctors office even though they were supposed to call me yesterday to set up the appointment.
I'm just very tired.

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Alie--Thanks so much!

Michelle--I'm in the Sacramento area. My naturopath has closed her practice, but the program she went through is called Gateways. Their web site is gatewayscollege.com. You could contact them to see if they have any graduates practicing in the Bay Area. There is a woman here with the same approach who is taking new clients. I've been to her and she is quite good. I could PM you her info if you'd like. I know some people come from as far as Santa Barbara. Especially if you want to get your hormones balanced, I can't recommend this approach enough.

Best wishes,

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I too want to thank you for your story KatherineinCA - you have given me hope. I was told by so many people there was no alternative way to treat my hypothyroid and the thought of being on the synthroid forever bothers me every day. I will check out the site and try to find someone in the central coast area.
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Hi Katherine!

I pm'd you requesting your practioner's contact info - and I will also check out the website you posted. Thank you so much.

And good luck to all you women who are or have faced these healing issues.


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I have Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome and you may very well too.

My bloodwork came out "normal" according to the MDs guidelines but my naturopath, who is familiar with Wilson's, realized it wasn't. Most docs aren't familiar with this disease. What is finally being recognized is that that (1) usually they are looking at T4 or TSH only, NOT T3, (2) That the "normal' guideliness are actually off, (3) that is also the balance between the different levels that are important, and (4) that you can flush the system, reset it and often wean yourself off of medication.


will give you all sorts of information.

There were two practicing physicians in my area and I found them on the website.

I did not go on the regimen of flushing the system as I was pregnant and nursing so I take a maintenance dose of nature-throid and had great results. Our goal is to wean me off and see if even this very low maintenance dose flushes the system.

Get on the website and do your temps (10 minutes underarm, still in bed, immediately after waking - one of those nasty mercury thermometers is most accurate if you still have one around) for at least 10 days.) Ask exactly which levels were done, the exact result and what they say is the range for normal.

Both docs told me that they have used the Wilson's protocol with some people who have "normal" levels even according to their guidelines and they improved and were able to get results and wean off the meds.

I think it is obvious that we don't know all we should about the thyroid.
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