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Barking cough in 5 month old...?

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My DD woke up this morning with a slight cough. We went out for a little bit today to pick up some birth certificates and by the time we got back it sounded awful. Almost like she was decongesting but she was hacking away. It almost sounds like a bark at times. She is VERY tired, sleeping on me all day almost. She may be teething, drooling a lot and chewing on her hands. I am just worried about the "bark" part of it, she is 5 months old and is completely unvaccinated. I just feel so bad for her...Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Sounds like "croup". My first DS got it alot when he was a baby. Very scarry. And you should know it worsens at night . . . . I might go see my healthcare provider today just so you have a plan if things get bad in the evening.

If not . . . I was told if the 'barking' started - bring them out into the night air. It opens their airways and allows them to breathe. If the night is warm where you are at - you can also run a steamy shower to open it up.

Another thing - if baby doesn't sleep with you -- please sleep together tonight. If it is croup, my healthcare provider told me that it can come on very suddenly and close up their airways . . momma needs to be close.

So sorry your baby isn't feeling well . . .
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Great advice!

Croup is characterized by that harsh, brassy cough that is often described as 'barky'. It is typically due to viral infection and inflammation of the upper airway tissues. It seems to worsen at night and can be accompanied by the development of 'stridor' - loud, coarse breath sounds with difficulty breathing - due to swelling of these tissues with near obstruction. Terrifying for parents to witness.

As above, steamy bathrooms or cool night air can often result in sudden improvement. Often parents show up in the emergency room with an infant who looks pretty normal, but with a story of frightening difficulty breathing which seemed to suddenly vanish as they carried the child out to the car.

Sleeping with the child, cool air (open freezer door or carry outside), and hot steamy shower rooms are all good advice. It's rare for babies to suffer serious enough effects from croup to require hospitalization but younger babes are more at risk, so use your good judgment.
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