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Febrile Seizures! help!

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Tonight was the single most horrifying, scariest night in my life.
First of all, Phineas (21 months) has not been seeming sick, or acting abnormally or out of sorts at all.. has been his normal happy self all day (except for a small tantrum or 2, but thats not out of the ordinary).. (please forgive me if I ramble, or it seems my thoughts are not too organized, I am still feeling somewhat in shock)
So, we gave Phineas a bath tonight, and afterwards got him in his jammies and were playing in his room, cuddling and stuff.. Then he laid down right next to me and I turned and was talking to dh and we heard him start making this sputtering sound, and he was unconscious, and convulsing.. then he stopped breathing, his lips turned blue, and his skin was extremely pale... I called 911 and the guy on the phone was telling me what to do, and I was repeating to Eric.. Eric was doing cpr.. I think that Phineas was not breathing for not very long probably, no more than a minute at most, probably more like 30 seconds or so, but I am just guessing, I really have no real sense of time frame as it seemed like forever.. During the cpr he started coughing a little, and came to just a little bit, not fully conscious though, but at least he was breathing... I am so thankful Eric was home, omg...Then the paramedics got here and took his vitals and gave him oxygen and asked questions about his medical history (he's always been pretty healthy...)
Then we took him to the hospital, and it turns out he has a bug thats going around, he has a bit of diarrhea there, and he also threw up for the first time ever when we got home (not including spit up as a baby of course)..
So he had a febrile seizure, and we were told that we just have to watch his temp. closely and give him tylenol or motrin if the temp gets to 100 degrees.. (it was 102 at the hospital) I guess febrile seizures tend to go away by age 5 or 6 or so.. I think he had one when he was about 10 months old and had a fever from teething, but nothing as serious as this one, I just took him to the doc the next day.. But HE STOPPED BREATHING TONIGHT!!! I have never been so terrified! My poor baby.. I feel kinda numb, I think I'd just die if anything happened to him.. I can't even bear to think it.. (ok... deep breath)

So I guess we just need to watch his temp all the time? I can't get over that until the seizure he was showing NO symptoms of illness.. What a way to find out..

So, Please, anyone who has experience with febrile seizures, talk to me.. share your advice, experiences....
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I have no experience with this but wanted to send you a big hug!! What a scary, scary thing to go through!!
I'm glad he is OK.

Take care
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Oh my, you poor mama!!!! I am feeling scared to death just reading your post. You (and your partner) should be so proud of yourself for keeping your head enough to call 911.

A few months ago my son (13 mos at the time) suddenly got a very high fever. He did not have a seizure but when we took him in to the ped, she was talking to us about seizures. She said that the seizures themselves do no damage to the baby. Just wanted to let you know that.

Peaceful thoughts your way,
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I have no experience with seizures but I wanted to give you guys a huge. I am glad that you guys stayed calm enough to call 911. I hope he feels better soon.
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omg...how terrifying!!! thank god phineas is okay!!!

these are not uncommon in babies and even older children. i had one once, too. but oh so scary for the parents!
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I'm so glad he is ok! Tracy has had that stupid bug for over a week now. He puked for days! Now he has the tail end of it with an ear infection and bronchilitis! We took him to the er and his temp was closea to 102 buta he didN'T EVEN
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I'm so glad he is ok! Tracy has had that stupid bug for over a week now. He puked for days! Now he has the tail end of it with an ear infection and bronchilitis! We took him to the er and his temp was closea to 102 buta he didN'T EVEN feel hot to us! I was worried about thI would have fresked out!e febrile sezeiures too! I would have freaked oput! I'm glad you were able to keep your wits about you!1``
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So glad to here that he is o.k. Our daughter had a febrile seizure when she was 20 mos. (Looking back I now think she had one when she was about 3 mos. old I took her to the doc. because of a high fever and she was not responding. I think that she had had the seizure in her cradle and I caught her at the end when she was just staring out in space she was perfectly normal and had no fever when I laid her down). Anyway, when she was 20 mos. she was at the sisters for the very first time while my husband and I were at a wedding of a close friend. I could go on and on about it but I won't. My husband happened to go home during the reception to get something and found the babysitter on the phone with the ambulance and so he drove her to the hosp. and he said he thought she was going to die. she was just lying there in his friends lap with her eyes just staring straight ahead and giving no response. I was picked up at the reception and taken to the hosp. feeling like the absolute worst mom for not being there with her. The doc said it was a febrile seizure and that she could have them any time that her fever spikes. Her fever was only 101 at the hosp. Well needless to say we were incredibly shaken up. Besides this she had never been sick (besides the occasional runny nose). Anyway she just turned 4 and has had two other minor seizures. We don't believe in giving tylenol or motrin but rather letting there system take care of the fever but with her we gave her advil at the first sign of any fever (always kissing her head to get a good temp.). This past weekend she had a fever and we had just been to a homeopathic doc. for my son and was given belladona for his fever so instead of giving her advil we gave her the belladona and let her fever burn itself off. She was sick for 24 hrs. but all better the next day. So my suggestion would be to watch his fever and give him the advil at the first sign and again in 6 hrs. just to be safe but by the time he's four he should be clear of these things.
Disregard what others might say. My sister kept telling me that something was wrong with our daughter and that she needed to have brain scans, etc. Our daughter is a beautiful, happy, healthy and very smart four year old and is all done having febrile seizures. Good Luck. P.S. This runs in families so there may be someone in you or your husbands family that had them as a child.
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I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I think it's a good reminder for everyone to know CPR. I just did a quick search and found this, which has good info:

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