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The Gift

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Are you getting a gift from the baby for your older dc? Just curious.

I'm kind of a nerd and want to do this for my dd. She's already told me what she wants to get the baby: a hat and a teddy. I didn't even ask! She's so cute. Anyway, I was trying to think of a gift or two from the baby to her. She has enough stuffed toys, so I'm stuck. I'm even obsessively scouring my favorite website www.atoygarden.com to get ideas but nothing's jumping out at me.

What are you planning to do, if anything?

Can I put that website in there? Oops.
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Yeah, I'm planning on it although I hope I actually get around to doing something about it. The thing I saw that I wanted to get (for both my dd's to share actually) is this .

Of course, it's expensive (what do I ever like that isn't, really?) but I think my girls would love it. And btw, I absolutely A Toy Garden - Sonya is awesome but I think after this past xmas and both my girls bdays (all at the end of the year) we bought just about everything she sells. Anyway, I think it's a good idea to do something for the older sibling so they feel a bit more included. What kind of stuff is your dd into anyway? The most successful gifts we bought ours ended up being dress up clothes and wooden figures or gnomes.
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thanks both of you for those links. Very cute stuff!
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