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Elijah Axel is here!!

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February 15 2006 - 12:56 AM

Hello Elijah Axel .

9 lbs even

22 inches long

After close to 2 whole days of labor, 2 hours of pushing, he pretty much just fell out in one giant push. Drug free labor at my midwife's house.

He is so perfect, He nurses like a champion!! I am so proud of him.

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He's such a cutey!! I love all that hair!!
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so so beautiful, that includes you too mama! so happy for you...

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Congratulations Snarfywarning! and welcome Elijah Axel!!
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Yay! Congrats! He is beautiful!
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He looks like he's smiling at you! What a cutey!
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What a great picture! You two look so happy and in love with each other! Congrats!
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great photo! Congratulations!

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Congratulations!!! What a happy photo. Enjoy your sweet babe!

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What a treasured photo!! Thanks for sharing it!! Congrats on the birth of your adorable little one!!!
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Congratulations! He is beautiful! Smell that new baby head for me!
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He is adorable!!! Congrats on your new addition to your family
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Wow!! You should be proud of yourself too!! What a beautiful picture!!
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Congratulations! He is so cute !
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congrats!! our millicent is 8 minutes younger!! we were pushing at the same time!
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Congratulations on the arrival of Elijah! I love that photo of him. He is adorable.
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