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Krisalyn very sick

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This is Laurie's sister writing to let you know her baby is very ill. It has nothing to do with the homebirth at all but she has a very serious virus and is in a children's hospital.

Laurie is exhausted and emotional of course. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.
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to Laurie and her family. I am sending healing energy to little Krisalyn!
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fix smilie

Praying for her and her family. :Pray
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We are holding her and her family in our thoughts.
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Oh my goodness!! Please post when you have anymore details. My whole family will be praying for her!
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: Sending you all lots of love and healing thoughts
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praying for krisalyn.
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Oh no I am so sorry! I hope she recovers quickly and can go home soon. How is Laurie holding up?
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I'll keep your family in my prayers. Please keep us updated.
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They are in our thoughts and prayers - is it RSV?
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Oh my gosh-we will be sending healing vibes to her.
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oh no! I will be praying for Krisalyn and the rest of your family. Please keep us posted!
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Please let Laurie know we all have her, Krisalyn and the rest of your family in our thoughts.
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Let her know she is being thought of and prayed for. Please keep us updated whenever you can.
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lots of prayers for baby and family
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lots of prayers and hugs for her here too!!! I hope everyone feels better soon!!
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oh my goodness.
I'll be keeping them in our thoughts. I too wondered if it might be RSV.

please update us if there is any news at all.
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keeping the family and the wee babe in my thoughts & prayers..
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many many blessings and healing to you.....
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I am so sorry to hear this. Both baby Krisalyn and family are in my prayers.
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