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how scary! i hope she is better quick!
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I have let Laurie know of all your kind words. The baby does not have RSV but a serious infection in her throat. They did 4 spinal taps before they were able to draw what they needed yesterday. Early reports tell us its not in her central nervous system and its not meningitus. We are PTL for those answers.

We hope to hear more good news soon. Laurie is holding up as to be expected. She misses her two older girls and is sick with worry. That on top of her milk coming in full force and just delivering a 9lb baby definetly has her in a world wind of emotions. She does have a lot of family support and we know our God is gracious and merciful. It means a lot to her to know your praying.

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Praying for your whole family. Thanks for keeping us updated.
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I know how hard all that pumping is, and having a sick baby in the NICU. Just remind her how much all that milk is going to help her baby fight this off. I hope she has lots of family and friends to bring her lots of food and remind her to sleep (and take care of the older kids, that must be so hard!!)

We are thinking of her and her family and waiting for updates.
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Oh my heart is just aching for poor Krisalyn and four spinal taps. My first memory is of a spinal tap when I was 2. Please let her know that we're praying for her and her whole family at our church too.
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Thanks for the update. One of my soon to be 8 week old twins was in the hospital for a week with an infection just a little while ago. He also had to suffer 4 taps before they finally got the fluid out.

Let her know we are all praying for her and her family and for a speedy recovery.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear there's been some encouraging news. Hope baby and mama are getting plenty of support and hugs and love.

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I'm praying that she is ok an home soon.
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Any updates? Still praying . . .
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I'm so sorry this is happening. I am praying for Krisalyn and Laurie and the family.
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Hi, it's Laurie!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Luckily Krisalyn has remained in a private room with DH and I this entire time so I have been able to nurse her directly and just pump if too engorged or they are taking her for a new IV. She has had several and we need to be here for a full 14 days to finish out the meds. As long as things continue to go well we will come home next Thursday March 1st.

Because the lack of good veins and the medicines potency and potential to infiltrate and burn her skin they have been very cautious. We had two options left yesterday. A PIC line which is started in a vein in the hand, foot, leg, arm or head and a catheter is threaded into the chest . Or a Central line that is surgically placed under anesthesia into the chest past the lungs near the heart. At first they were not giving us much hope for the much easier less invasive PIC line. But a neonate doc was confident and was able to place a pic line in her hand succesfully. This line should hold out for the rest of our stay and eliminated the need for any more poking or sticking my little princess.
My sister, who started this thread has been amazing. The girls are happy and thriving at her house. They talk to us on the phone daily and almost daily come for a few hours to visit. Since we are on a quaranteened floor they can't stay in the room but get to stop by and see thier sister then either my mom or sister stay with the baby while I take them to one of the many play rooms and spend some one on one time with them. I miss them so much and Gabi has not wanted to nurse any while I'm here. I hope she resumes when we return home.

Things are looking good right now. Krisalyn has not had any fever and we just feel so glad that this was caught so early. We were told that it was a blessing that we had her at home. If she had been born in the hospital she would have had the normal newborn exam on day one and it would have been too early to catch. I only made the apt. with our pedeatrician that Wednesday because my mom is her nanny and she wanted to do a routine assesment since she had not yet been seen by a doc. They don't normally look in the mouth but I mentioned that it looked like she had molars coming in. She called them pearl somethings but assured me no incoming teeth yet. Whew! But this caused her to see that her throat was very red. She looked further with a light and a tongue depresser and saw blisters on the back of her throat. She then referred us to a specialist near the childrens hospital were throat cultures were done and we had a round of labs. We went home expecting it to just be a huge fluke. But the hospital called and said to return immediately. They said if I had not seen my Pede when I did we would not have caught it and it would have spread to her central nervous system and killed her within days. It is very scary to think about all of it. I am just so thankful we had the homebirth then saw the Pede and she is doing really well. She is just beautiful.

More pics below, taken by my friend Lynsey.


I am holding up well. My mom is with Krisalyn in the room right now and I am using a hospital computer in a play room, just trying to escape for a few min. Thank you all for your support and prayers. We are looking forward to returning home and I will update when I can.
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How scary! So where did this infection come from then? Poor baby, hope she is home soon and you guys can enjoy the time together!
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Oh my goodness!! Thank God you were at home and this was picked up so quickly. I'm hugging Meg extra hard right now!!! You sound like you're doing well Laurie. I'll keep you all in my prayers still!
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Thanks for the update! I am glad to hear that she is doing better. Did they say exactly what type of infection it was that she has?
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I am also very sorry to hear this. Jc is in my first childs due date club and is a wonderful, sweet lady.
Sending prayers for her and her family, & especially baby Krisalyn (what a beautiful name!)

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Just read the update,

JC (Laurie) sending you big hugs right now. Glad everythings ok.
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We are doing well. Nothing new to report which is actually good news. Still no fevers and her PIC line is holding up well. Doc today say it will be next Wednesday instead of Thursday to go home. Whew hOO one less day. I'll take it.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. We are very thankful for all the support. Can't wait to get home and resume (NORMAL) life. If there is such a thing. I am missing my other two girlies teribly. DH was off work yesterday and went and got them from my sister and brought them here. We had a picnic in the playroom and just had a great time together. Gabi still has not nursed. Who knows she may be done. I guess I will know for sure when we get back home and she has the opportunity to nurse in her enviroment. Makes me sad thinking about it. She is still a baby to me.
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Laurie, Your birthphotos are the most beautiful I've seen. Thanks for sharing!
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We Are Home

We came home from the hospital on Wednesday. Yay. Krisalyn is doing great. Pretty easy going baby. She grew a lot in those two weeks. From birth 9lb 2oz 18 3/4 in.

Admited to hospital: 8lb. 5oz 19 in.

Discharged: 9lb. 21 1/2 in.

WOW WOW WOW! She litterally grew before our eyes.

Gabi is back to nursing. We have had a few tandem nursing sessions, but I would prefer just letting Gabi nurse after Krisalyn is finished. She usually only takes one side per feeding anyway, but it is difficult to feed them both at the same time, and Gabi thinks she can tandem in public, and I am not comfortable and havn't figure out how to do it discretly.

Thank you all again, for the prayers and support!
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Yeah! I am so glad that Krisalyn is home and doing well!
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