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Am I all alone???

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Well, I think since I am a 10-month mama I should start here instead of Oct. My edd is actually 10-22, but I will surely go over like I always do, lol.

My name is Vikki, and I'm sleeeeeeepy!!! But very happy after ttc for 1 1/2 yrs!
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hi vikki!
im liz and my due date is the 21st (i think). i just took a test two days ago, after my period was two days late.this is my third pregnancy . i have a 5 (almost6)year old son, a four year old step son and a 21 month old daughter.
congratulations on your long awaited pregnancy!!!
how are you feeling so far?
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Hi Liz! Congrats!!!

I'm sleepy, bbs are very sore, and I've gagged/heaved a few times already. The more times you've been pg, the faster those symptoms start showing up, lol. I cannot believe how tired I am. I just got my prenates from my mw, so hopefully they will help. She said they are the best she's found yet!

Are you having any symptoms yet? I'm sure I"ll get more yarky as the days go by, lol.
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Congrats to the New Mamas!!

I'm not pg, but I am Chicky2's best friend and wanted to say CONGRATS to her again, as well as all you other proud mamas-2-B!! Love ya, Vikki, and to all: have fun on your wonderful adventure!
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Awwww, I feel honored to be the reason for your very first post here at MDC!!!!!! You sweetie!

But, gotta ask.... are you stalking me???? : :
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Congrats to all who post here!!!

I had my DD in November.. actually been thinking a lot about it and wondering when mamas here would be finding out. My DD bday is the 18th (EDD-20th). I did not find out that we were preg with her until March 13th. I had gotten preg the last week of Feb.

Happy Baby Making this month to ALL...
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Joining in here. I got a faint bfp yesterday and am hoping for a stronger one tomorrow morning. Tuesday will be 18 dpo. My due date is at the end of October (28th or so) but I will be telling family and friends that the baby is expected in early November. The last few weeks are hard enough without people pestering me about why I haven't had the baby yet. I think November 11 sounds like a very good due date.
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Welcome, Tana! Congrats!

I'm confused about my edd. I calculated it according to the day I ovulated, which was Jan. 28 or the 29th. It said 10-22 for the edd. But when I went and numbered the wks on my desk calendar, the 40th Sunday would be Nov. 5! So if I carry over, which I'm sure I will, my mw won't be able to be here! Oh no!!! SHe's getting married in the middle of Nov. I'd already planned to have apprentices do the postpartum, but now I'm thinking maybe I should go w/another mw! I had my mw for the last 2 births. I really want her! Wah!!!

edited to add: why the diff in counting from lmp, adding 7 days, then subtracting 3 mos, then adding a year, instead of just counting forward on the calendar from date of ovulation? And why don't I know the answer already, lol? I'm going crazy already.
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It's 40 weeks from your LMP or 38 weeks from when you ovulated. They usually count from your LMP since that is what most women know.
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Tana, thanks! I don't know why I couldn't remember! Pg brain already???
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You are not alone :)

Greetings mamas!
I am Jody, mother to Annabug who is 2 1/2, and after almost a year of ttc, #2 is finally on the way. Our edd is the first week in Nov., but we shall have to see about that.
Is everyone else as tired as I am? I teach in a school for the emotionally disturbed, and I am finding it difficult to keep up with my kids this week. Thank goodness we have a vacation next week. I really need the rest. Oh, and does anyone else have a terminally stuffed nose? This is how I knew I was really pregnant. I had a permanently stuffed nose with my last pregnancy too. Yuck.
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Jody, I am VERY tired. ALL the time, lol. Ugh. And yeah, I've got the stuffy nose, too. If I hadn't known I'm pg, I probably would have thought I was getting sick. It's been soooo dry here, too, and that doesn't help at all! Saline nose spray or a netti pot really help alot! CONGRATS!!!!
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Anyone else showing yet? I cannot believe the belly I woke up w/a few days ago. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm farther along than I said. No, I'm very certain of my dates, lol. I know when I ovulated, so there's really no mistaking it. I look 4-5 mos pg already, but this isn't my first baby, so I guess that's why I blew up, lol. I'll see if I can post a pic of my belly....
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I just found out last night. . According to my LMP my due date is Nov. 3 but I'll more than likely have this little one in late Oct.

Congrats everyone. I look forward to spending this pregnancy with you.

Oh and we aren't telling anyone yet so don't tell.
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Yay, congratulations to you all!! I'm not pg now, but had my ds this past Nov. Chatting & laughing & sharing with all the rockin' women from my Nov'05 DDC was sooooo much fun. We had a great 9mos together, as I'm sure you will all, too! I'm so excited for you guys, eat up every moment, time FLIES!

(Just so you know, I'm sure I'll be peeking in on you all over the coming months, for nostalgia's sake )
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Chicky2, I am not showing yet. However, I aleady have a tummy so I am sure it will be mistaken for "showing" for a while. My pants still fit fine too, though I'm thinking of buying a couple pairs a size larger.
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I'm just really bloated. I don't remember being this bloated with my other 2. My pants are snug.

Chicky2, you do look like you are showing already in that pic.
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LOL, it is bigger now! I know i"m not off on my dates, or at least I'm 98% sure I'm not...I had a tummy, but not nearly like this, lol!!!
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Hi ladies I am not totally sure yet that I am pg but if I am I will be due 11-07-06. I am very bloated myself and already look a few months pg. Hopefully I will get a for sure BFP soon. I got a faint one today at 8dpo.
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