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Birth Plans

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I just realised today that I haven't started working on my birth plan and am due in two weeks. I have my old one from last time but wanted to make a few changes to it.

Does anyone have any ideas for a birth plan for things that might not get thought of, or aren't as common?

We're planning a home waterbirth. Last time we planned a homebirth but got transfered to the hospital last minute due to complications.

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I focused a lot on the baby afterward in my birth plan, in case of transfer, since we had a homebirth as well. I asked that the baby stay with us, that the baby never left the sight of at least one of us, (including my mil or sil, since they would have been with us.). I asked for no supplements, and no medical procedures without our express consent, (unless it was an absolute empergency). I heard of horror stories like circumcisions that were strictly against the parents wishes.

Also I asked for no drops in the eyes. You can have that waived, just make sure your midwife brings a form for you to sign.

Do you have a don't cut the cord until it stops pulsing (unless emergency)? No "milking" the cord. No shot of pitocin to speed up 3rd stage (explusion of placenta?)

Hope these start the ball rolling

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We have basically used the same birth plan for the last four babies, with a few small changes. I put it on line at http://www.geocities.com/~plomp/tarabp.htm

Hope that helps you.
Have a great birth!
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