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AP is good for parents and good for babies, right?

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I so want to share the wonderfulness of AP practices with other parents. Even if they don't want to go full-on "crunchy" there's still benefit to be gained from incorporating a few elements of AP into their parenting style.

I'm invited to a baby shower for a lady at my church this Saturday and I just looked at her Walmart gift registry. This is her third baby (a girl) and mom and her husband are in their late 20's. Their registry is full of mainstream, plastic stuff. Like baby monitors, bottles, a breast pump (which is great except that the $37 pumps are inefficient and uncomfortable, so she may get discouraged and quit), bassinette, crib, baby bucket that hooks into a huge unwieldy stroller, etc.

Before everyone jumps on me..... there's nothing necessarily wrong with that stuff! That baby will grow up to be a healthy well-adjusted person as long as her parents are kind and loving. I know this.

But there's so much joy in going stuff-free with attachment parenting. At the very least, she could save herself a back injury from hauling that heavy plastic carrier around

So now, should I buy her something off her registry or give her an AP gift like Dr Sears Baby Book or an easy-to-use sling? Ideas on (graciously and politely) introducing mainstream parents to the benefits of AP?
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I would buy the Sears Baby book. I have read that cover to cover twice now and it is my best friend when new-mommy anxiety sets in. It is great that it can cheerleed AP for you so you don't appear pushy.
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Does she have anything cheap on her registry you can get, too? Maybe the Sears book + a small toy or something she thinks is useful?

Slings are great gifts, but I try to only give them when expecting moms have complimented mine. If I have given one to almost every other new mom, I'll go ahead and ask, "hey, I'd love to make you a sling if you are interested." Most people say yes, and one memorable polite no called me two weeks after he rchild was born (#3) and asked me to make her one!
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well i'm admittedly baby carrier-obsessed right now, so my inclination is to get her something like that. or maybe tell her that you want to get her one and then have her look around at them and see what might fit HER needs the best (there are so many out there and so many different preferences). maybe get her something small and in the card say something like "plus a baby carrier of your choice, they're life savers!"
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Here's my 2 cents.

I don't see what the big deal is about baby "bucket" carseats that attatch to the stroller. I find it quite useful when Samara has fallen asleep in the car and I don't want to wake her. I just transfer her, seat and all, to the stroller. I can see it becoming a problem if the parent keeps the baby in the carseat for their WHOLE time out, which I see a lot. I bring her pouch or her mei tai with us and when she wakes up from her nap, I'll pop her into a carrier. The stroller then becomes our locker on wheels. It's nice to have a place to put our coats, diaper bag and purse. Or if we are doing a Target type trip, I'll put her carseat into the back of the cart and my 3 yo in the front seat part of the cart. Even if the baby is awake. : I make sure it's a quick trip so she doesn't have to be in her seat for too long. I haven't yet tried holding Samara in her pouch, and trying to hoist my heavy 3yo up into the cart while also keeping an eye on my 5yo. Maybe when the weather is nicer. It's also too cold to take her out of her warm cacoon carseat to transfer her to the pouch. I can see going "stuff free" working if this is your first child. You don't have to worry about the logistics of an outing with older children as well.

That being said.....I would definately get her the Dr. Sears book and something on her registry. That way it doesn't look like your completely disregarding what she wants.
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bethany - i do the same with our bucket seat. i'd die without that thing. it DEFINITELY has its uses, and nothing else is as easy in those moments.
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I LOVE to give Sears' "The Baby Book" as a gift! It doesn't "look" crunchy and I always make sure to tell/write in the card how my copy has been read over & over and saved me many anxious moments! I think it's a wonderful gift!
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I like the Sears book idea, too. Don't know what your timeframe and budget are, but maybe a small Haba or Selecta wood toy to go along with it, in case she doesn't see the value of the book at first.

Oh, and Bethany, I totally agree about the bucket seat. I hate seeing babies who spend all their time in there when they're out, but I wouldn't dream of removing poor Will from his wool-lined cocoon of sleepy bliss when the weather outside is 11 degrees, just so I can feel like a good AP mom. Bucket goes on stroller to keep him warm and asleep until he wakes up on his own, then he goes in the baby carrier (whichever flavor of the day I'm in the mood for - sling, wrap, onbuhimo, etc, etc, LOL!) and the stroller becomes our "locker on wheels." Great term for it, BTW.
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i'd go for the Dr. Sears book too...and a small toy as a gift wrap kind of thing. wood is great but i do have some plastic toys from ds1 (15) that each of my children have enjoyed (got them through Parents toys or something like that when ds1 was young...one is red rings with a big blue ball in the middle...Ethan just grabbed it today!). so, im not as crunchy as i seem, i guess.
maybe give her a GC to a WAHM online store to expose her to some of the AP stuff out there.
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