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Sophie's Birth Story

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Hi, everyone - I gave birth to my daughter Sophie Eun-Soon Kang on Wednesday the 8th and have been too busy enjoying her and our family's babymoon to get on the computer much. I just finished typing up her (very long) birth story - I got my drug-free VBAC! and I've posted it at http://www.shellykang.com/SophieBirthStory.htm if you'd like to read it. Pictures are at http://www.shellykang.com/Sophie/

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have some time to catch up and read through some of the other birth announcements and threads around here! We made it!
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Congratulations, what a neat story, and I am so glad you got your VBAC!
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Oh my goodness!! What an ordeal. Why did you lose so much blood? Do they know? I'm so sorry you had to go through that. How are you feeling now? Are you on iron?

I had to laugh at your telling everyone to shut up and cussing like a sailor! I was swearing at the end of my birth and my 9 yo ds heard me (he was supposed to be in the basement!). He laughs about it now!!

I loved your pictures - you look awesome!!
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Wow Shelly, Amazing birth story!!! Congrats on your new baby girl, your family is beautiful ! My second Dd is a Sophie too, I love that name !
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Originally Posted by My Three Boys
Oh my goodness!! What an ordeal. Why did you lose so much blood? Do they know? I'm so sorry you had to go through that. How are you feeling now? Are you on iron? !
I lost blood mostly because my uterus didn't contract as well as it should have. I didn't put it in the birth story, but I got a Pit shot, then a bag of Pit, then a bag of another drug called Methrogen via IV to get my uterus to clamp down. Actually, I just got back from the clinic with a prescription for more oral Methrogen because I'm still bleeding too much. They said probably the scarring from my c-section caused the problem.

Other than the bleeding, I'm feeling pretty good. The blood transfusion helped a lot because until I got it I was really dizzy and out of breath if I tried to even walk around much. My stitches are healing and it's still very sensitive, but extra-strength Motrin is enough to control the pain and sitting in a hot bath a couple of times a day has really helped more than I expected it to.

I got a prescription for iron supplements, but I'm choosing not to take them right now because I tend to have problems with constipation anyway and I also have heard that they can really upset baby's tummy through breast milk. So, for now I'm making sure to eat a serving of green leafies every day and we are red-meat eaters so my hemoglobin is normally pretty high. It'll get back up there pretty quickly.
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Congratulations and welcome, Sophie!!!

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Congratulations on Sophie's birth. She is beautiful.
I hemorrhaged after my son's birth and lost about half the blood in my body. Eating those leafy vegetables and some steaks will help. Also I have heard nettle and alfalfa supplements (tablets) may help too. Just take it easy for the next month as much as possible.
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You have a beautiful family!!! Congrats on your new addition
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Wow! Congratulations on your baby girl ! She is so cute!
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