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Lauren Elizabeth

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Lauren was born 2/15, 10:37pm - my Grandma's birthday - the day I'd been hoping she would be born for months now!!!

I went to work for half a day and then proceeded to my friend's house to play. At about 4/4:30 in the afternoon I am noticing more contractions, and have "weirdness" between contractions - feels almost like demi-contractions that last for 5 minutes each.

At 5:15 we start timing the contractions and the first two are 18 minutes apart. But then the next few are 10. On my way home I call DH to tell him it is time to install the carseat. Once home we start packing stuff and getting ready (most of my stuff was in a pile already, but now we decide that maybe we all want PJs and toothbrushes, etc., because it could be a long night). The entire time that we are home, dd is sleeping soundly.

At almost 7 the contractions are 2 minutes apart. We are getting ready to wake dd to put her in the car, but she wakes herself up and is unexplainably hysterical. Crying so uncontrollably that she pukes all over herself.

So, stop timing the 2 min. apart contractions and give dd a quick bath. Fortunately, when bathtime is done, the contractions are back to 5 minutes apart. Phew!

In the middle of calling my support people, the hospital and everyone else you call to tell you are in labor, we drive to the hospital. At this point my contractions are intense but not painful. It's about 8pm when we check in.

The tub room, where I've been planning to labor, is being used, but she might be out of there soon, so we get set up in my recovery room initially. At this point contractions are 4 min. apart and I am 4/5 centimeters dilated. Kim gets there and begins taking pictures. Shortly thereafter Dr. Kate (my mw) gets there. Then Jaimie gets there. Okay, my people are here, we can go whenever.

Sometime between all my people getting there my contractions get too uncomfortable to talk through.

My midwife was not initally comfortable with a waterbirth,so I was to just labor in the tub and push outside of the tub. I had told her, though, that I would really like to give birth in the tub. Her words: "If you refuse to get out of the tub, I won't say anything." I think she was excited about the idea, but apprehensive since the hospital really frowns on them. So suddenly it looks like I can have a waterbirth - doesn't seem real to me yet.

As the tub is being filled with water (yipee - the room is empty!) my water breaks while still in my recovery room. We walk down the hall with a towel between my knees ands stop once for a contraction. Another one or two contractions as I finish waiting for the tub to fill.

Once in the tub I have one contraction before I really feel like I need to poop. I know that you feel like you need to poop, but really you are ready to push, but no, this is too strong of a poop feeling, it can't possibly be push time. Ha, I was wrong. Which, logically I knew, but couldn't actually believe at the time.

I double check with Dr. Kate that she is okay with me staying in the water. (I know it is my birth, but I have such trust and respect for Dr. Kate, I don't want to damage the realtionship or put her career at risk, yk?)

3-4 contractions where I feel like I am about to poop, then 2 contractions where I am pushing.

This is where things feel surreal. These are painful! Oh my God, I don't think I can do this, there is no way. I'm moaning and crying. The 2nd pushing contraction her head comes out. The cord is around her neck, so a quick swoop of Dr. Kate's finger to alleviate that problem, then one more push (no contraction this time) and out she came. Up to my chest, where she stayed while the cord kept pulsing.

After the pulsing stopped, dd helped Dr. Kate cut the cord. This was our compromise to dd wanting to catch her sister with her butterfly net.

Lauren was born at 10:37pm - about 2.5 hours after getting to the hospital, and about 5.5 hours after I knew I must be going into labor. She weighs 5lbs 15oz and is 19.5in. She is nursing well, especially on the left side. We brought her home less than 24 hours after birth, and we are all so happy.

It still feels so surreal that I had such a peaceful waterbirth. My mw is much more open to waterbirth now, I think, but she said to me that she has to keep telling herself they won't all go as smoothly as mine went.

I'll try to post pictures later.
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: Lauren!!!!

Congratulations Mama! Sounds like a wonderful birth!

Happy Babymoon!
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Congratulations! What a lovely birth for you!
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congrats!! so neat you got your waterbirth!
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What a beautiful birth! Such a pretty name you picked!
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Congratulations! It sounds like a lovely birth!
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A great birth story! Congrats on the new addition to your family.
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Congratulations! I love that your dd wanted to catch her with a butterfly net. How precious! That is great that you were able to get the water birth you wanted and also help your mw to feel more comforatble with the idea in general!
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Congratulations!!! Glad you got your waterbirth!

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CONGRATS!!!!!!! I love the butterfly net I'll have to remember NOT to say that outloud. Lexi is coming up with all sorts of ideas to catch!
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Congratulations on Lauren's arrival. Thank you for sharing her birth story. It was so detailed and great to read.
Happy babymoon to you and your family.
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Congratulations on your baby girl ! I'm glad her birth went well.
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Congratulations again, Rachel! You did a great job and I'm so proud of you...and totally jealous, too! I still can't believe that you not only got the perfect waterbirth that you wanted, but you also went into labor and gave birth on the exact day that you wanted! Amazing! Thank you for letting me be there with you. I'll never forget it! I'll get you the cd with all of the pictures soon! Up for a playdate anytime soon?
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