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alternative to vagisil for fem itch?

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What do you use for feminine itch?

I am looking for a more natural product than vagisil...

Any ideas?
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hmm... now I know that you can put a drop or two of tea tree oil on a tampon and insert, I know that helps VERY well with yeast infections

also make sure to dilute and not use full strength tea tree,
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It is more of an external problem...

Good idea for yeast problems though!
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I've heard of applying yogurt. I guess you'd slop it on and use a pad.
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yogurt works on either end. you can also make an effort to eat it every day.
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I'd look for the reason for the itch. External, huh? Hmmm... Soap sensitivity maybe? Try rinsing the skin with some diluted vinegar.

Paper or plastic-topped panty liners (like Always) used to give me problems. I switched to cloth years ago and I haven't had issues since.
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for all the above

OK- here's the yogurst deal- buy tampons that have plastic applicators- throw away all but the applicator (itching due to dioxins in bleached tampons??) fill applicator w. yogurt and freeze- best way to get it into yoni!!!

A nice fresh garlic clove works for everything! Put whole clove in yoni and leave for couple of days- it actually sort of cooks- you will taste in the back of throat and think everyone can smell but I've done the research- nope. It's a little tricky getting out but you'll figure out what muscles it takes. I'm serious- i have fended off every yeast anything by doing this at onset and it helps externalkly too!!
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I use garlic. I actuall make a tampon out of it. I wrap it in a bit of gauze (from a bandage) then just tie some sewing thread around it. I change it every day. I have to see if I can find a link... had lots of useful stuff. Garlic always works for me!
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Here is one link:

My guess would be that it's an internal problem and your just feeling it on the outside... just my guess though
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I would be careful about using a tampon---as they are extremely good at sucking good moisture out! I use tea tree oil FULL strength on finger and swish around (sorry if too graphic ) It definitely feels funny for a while---but tea tree really is gentle enough to do this and extremely effective!
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another thing i like is the lavender wonder lanolin from hugadubdub.com
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thanks for the replies!

Heres my itchy update...
I have never had a yeast infection that I know of so it was hard for me to figure out if it was that or a reaction to soaps, etc. BUT, since I am on abx for a cervical infection,(a totally different discussion) I figured that it was more likely yeast. I was confused because I always have been told that a yeast itch was deeper rather than external. I decided to treat it as a yeast problem and did the garlic clove thing for the last couple of nights. ITCHY BE GONE! I have also been pounding the probiotics for my guts that have been messed up for the last couple of days...

Thanks again for the help! I am happy to have some relief!
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