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Does anyone watch the show neat on Fit TV?

I love it! It's great to see how cluttered some homes are. Makes me feel good that my house doesn't look that bad. I've also been able to learn some great organizing tricks!

Anyone else? I have a bunch of episodes waiting to be watched on Tivo. It's great inspiration!
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I've never seen it. Is it sort of like how sometimes I watch Nanny 911 so I can see how even when my children drive me batty I am doing okay?
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LOL yeah just like that!

I'm excited about the ideas this lady has. She's a "professional organizer" and she comes to your house with her team, helps you declutter and then sets it up all neat and organized. Love it!
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I so need someone to organize my home and then it would be great if they came back every week to keep it that way.
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I would love to see what they could do to my home
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Where do they find all those messy folks? I don't know anyone in my neighborhood who lives that way. My only "messy" spot would be the garage. Everything in my home looks tidy until you open the wrong drawer.

I do like the way Helen gets to the "root" of the problem. I think the decluttering is a positive change for most.
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