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Good News -sort of

I've been on SCD since Oct 19 2005. In Feb. I had a colonoscopy. The Doc said I had no crohns in my large intestine. The scope wouldn't go into the small intestine, so the crohns must be in the small intestine. I reminded him I was on this diet to cure my crohns, but he feels there is no cure. He also wants me to continue taking my Pentassa. I haven't taken any meds for at least 6 months, have hardly any symptoms and feel I have pretty much healed. I won't say I'm cured, because I get a twinge at my illium about every 2 months, but I feel great. I can't say enough great things about this diet. I cheat now and again, (4 times now)usually with french fries from a dedicated frier, but aside from that, I watch very closely what I eat. I have no desire to go back to my old life style and processed foods. As a side note, my arthritis is 100% gone. Also, I was on meds for my hiatius hernia acid reflux, and it is 100% gone too. I wish this doctor would encourage his other patients to try the diet, but he is a surgeon, and operating is what he knows.
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I didn't take time to read this whole thread. :

dd is no wheat, rye, barley, peanuts, or dairy.

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My 14 week ds and I have been battling yeast/thrush for the since he was 2 weeks old. I have cut out all dairy,sugar, all fruit and most grains. I still eat rice and corn. The yeast keeps coming back. I'm starting to wonder if I should start following the SCD strictly. DS and I both are very gassy and according to the Bristol stool chart, I think I may have some issues. I just don't know what to do. The yeast just won't go away...and if it does...it does not stay gone for long....

If I start the SCD should I still lay off the fruit and dairy(I noticed on the food chart that some fruit and cheeses are allowed) since yeast feeds off them.

Thanks so much for your help....I'm so lost.......:
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Anybody with new recipes?

Hi! I just now realized there's a thread about SCDs. I hope there are I wanna try something new:
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Scd = ?
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SCD = Specific Carbohydrate Diet
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Originally Posted by mamanurse View Post
Hi! I just now realized there's a thread about SCDs. I hope there are I wanna try something new:
This thread has been quiet (if not dead) for over a year. But you might want to go back through it. I seem to remember recipes being shared.

There is a current thread with some resources for grain-free baking. They may or may not be new to you.
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We're doing SCD, but adding extra fat beyond what most recipes suggest. I'm hoping this will solve the constant hunger (I'm in the second trimester, and bananas and farmer's cheese just aren't cutting it). Here's a breakfast idea that's suitable for early on in the diet, once you've got past the introductory stage. Even the fussiest eaters in my family love this dish.

Sausage and egg breakfast

Remove the bones from 1 package organic chicken thighs (leave the skin on). Don't worry if you can't get all the meat off. Set the meaty bones aside for the next time you make stock.
Grind the chicken & skin in a food processor, along with salt, a little cayenne pepper, onion, garlic, 1 egg, and your choice of herbs: parsley, thyme, sage, etc.
Make the mixture into small patties (I use two forks) and fry over medium-low heat until firm to the touch.

While the sausage is cooking, get a mixing bowl and lightly beat enough eggs for everyone, along with a little salt and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Remove the cooked sausage to a covered serving dish. Add the eggs to the pan and scramble them in the chicken fat.

Serve with a banana and a little diluted apple juice.
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Bumping this thread for interest...
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I was just about to bump this and saw that you've recently bumped it too mtn.mama! This is my favorite thread (well one of many actually). Reading back, though, I felt so sad to read Kundalini-Mama's posts.
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spoonful of sugar free. check out pecan sticky buns. U can use prunes and pecans for topping. delicious

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