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Skye Aimee is here!

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Sorry, I'm just coping and pasting an email sent to friends. To tired for anything else.

Skye Aimee was born via CBAC on 2.15.6 She weighed in at 9lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. I wrote this email yesterday after being relesed from the hospital.

A day too early for the hospital, but oh well. I'll give a quick run down. Labor started Sunday night (4 contractions an hoursish) and became intense active labor around 4am Wednesday. Charlotte (midwife) and team where her by 6am. I was 8cm and Charlotte announced we'd have a baby within the hour. Well 6 hours later I still was no further although my labor was still very intense. She became concenrend over a couple of heart decels she'd dectted and didn't want to break my water for that reason. Charlotte made the decision it was time to go to the hospital. She thought I had enough strenght in me to push (although I was so tired I was sleeping the 2 mintutes between contractions), but she was worried none the less. I trust her opinion completely and when she said go, we did. We went to St. Mary's where the Dr there gave her hell about even attempting a VBAC at home. I told her to leave, she didn't need it and frankly the dr needed to focus on me. He broke my water and allowed me to labor another 2 hours at the hospital. He was quite progressive for an OB, IMO. No pit, and yes on VBAC, so that was good. However I still never got past the 8cm and -1 station. So the decision was made to do the section.
I was a completely different experience than last time. After the baby was born, Paul was allowed to hold her next to me the entire rest of the surgery and I was able to nurse her in recovery, less than an hour after she was born.
As it turns out baby was transverse and not pushing on my cervix the right way (I had suspected this the whole time). I really feel like I gave it my all, I am glad that I tried for my HBAC.
Recovery is still going to be tough, emotionally and physically.
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Congrats mama on your new baby! Sorry you had to go through so much.
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Congratulations on your baby! What a beautiful name! Blessings for a speedy recovery from the CBAC.
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Congratulations! Wow, what a big girl! I am sorry that you were not able to have your HBAC, but you tried, and gave it your all. Really, that is all you can do. I hope your physical and emotional recovery goes smoothly. Rest up mama!
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Congrats on your new little one (well not so little!) Sorry you didn't get to have the VBAC like you wanted!! my second attempt of a vaginal delivery failed too so #3 was an automatic c-section for me and was much better then the others!! Take it easy and enjoy your baby!
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Congratulations! I love her name! I hope you have a quick recovery and an absolutely blissful babymoon!
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You did a great job mamma! Congrats to you and your new little one!
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Michelle - I'm so sorry you didn't get your VBAC. But it's wonderful that Charlotte was your midwife and you were able to trust her completely. If Charlotte said you needed to go to the hospital, then you really did!! Good for you for attempting an HBAC!! I'm sure she's absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to see pictures (and maybe meet you in person soon!!).
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Congratulations on your sweet baby girl ! I'm sorry your labor was so challenging. I wish you a speedy recovery, both physically and emotionally.
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Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! I'm sorry labor/birth turned out differently from how you'd hoped. Sounds like it was awfully long and challenging! It's wonderful that you had a great midwife you could truly trust. Though it didn't turn out how you'd planned, a cesarean birth is no less of a birth. You are an amazing mama for trying a HBAC but still knowing when to get more support. Hugs to you as you recover.

And here I thought *I* had a big baby (9lb 4 oz.) . I think maybe you've got the record for our February group!?! Yay for growing her so well, mama! Take care of yourself and that new babe. Love her name, BTW!!

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Visiting from March - congratulations! I love the name you picked. My name is Amy and its been AGES since I've seen another Amy under the age of 30!
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Originally Posted by ahwuko
Visiting from March - congratulations! I love the name you picked. My name is Amy and its been AGES since I've seen another Amy under the age of 30!

Thanks It's actually my middle name too! I love it
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Michelle - if you want to talk about a VBAC attempt turning into a c-section please pm me as I just had the same thing. My second child was an attempted HBAC that ended in c-section and this baby had to come a month early due to high blood pressure so I didn't even get to labour. I was planning on a VBA2C. If I have any more children they will be automatic c-section which is hard to deal with but I'm not letting it upset me. This birth was actually my best and we had a good experience. Anyways congrats to you and feel free to pm me.
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