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I'm in labor~Updated

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Last night at about 5:30, my mw came over for a visit. While I was sitting on the couch with her, I thought I started peeing, so I went to the bathroom. I found that my plug came out, and I was leaking a lot of af. I managed to sleep most of the night, waking up every 1/2 hr or so to contractions. Now I have been having them about 25 min. apart, lasting for over a minute. Every now and then, I have a bunch close together. Things seem to be moving slowly at this point. I am taking my temp. every four hours, just to be on the lookout for infection. I'll let you all know when something more progressive starts happening!

It's been a long day! I am now having pretty hard contrax about 6 1/2min. apart, lasting over a minute. I will fill the tub at 5 min., and call the mw at 4min.
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Yeah!!!! How are you doing now? Any updates? I sure hope you're holding your sweet little bundle soon!!
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I hope everything is going well. My first labor progressed slowly and so I know how draining it can be. I hope you are holding your baby soon!
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Yaaahhh! You will have your little one in no time!! Cant wait to hear the birth story!
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Hopefully by now you are holding your little one in your arms! I am glad that you were able to at least sleep most of Sat. night, sounds like you needed that rest for a long Sunday.
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Good luck, fellow homebirther!
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Ugggg....still in labor. I was doing pretty good, but I think my body got worn down, and it stalled. I managed to sleep for a good hour and a half early this am, and now contractions seem stronger and more regular. My mw will be here soon to check on me, and hopefully give me a pep talk. I knew labor would be hard work, but I didn't think mine would last this long! Thanks for all the warm wishes.
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Warm wishes...hang in there! Rest all you can and get plenty of fluid and some food; a tired body will "unstall" best if you stop and refuel. Soon you'll be holding your sweet baby!

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