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So many babies!!

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I just wanted to let everyone know CONGRATULATIONS!!!!. I have read most of the threads in between nursing my baby and toddler and everything else but it seems everytime I try to respond something happens. So I just wanted to let everyone know I am very happy for the baby girls and boys, and to tell you I have been reading just havent' had a lot time. Good luck to everyone and s. We are having our babies Very cool and exciting
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Indeed Mamas--Congratulations!!!
I have read so many new announcements! I wish you all well with your new little babes.

I can feel a lot of great birthing energy in the air today. I woke up feeling a bit on the sad side, but after visiting and writing a bit...I can see the possibilities that this day brings!!!

Labor vibes to those in my shoes!!! And peaceful vibes to those with new babes in arms.
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