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Benjamin Miles Gordon has arrived!

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Hey mamas!

Just wanted to share with you...our little Ben was born on Feb.15 at 2:14am, nearly a Valentine's baby but I ended up pushing for three hours so we didn't quite make it before midnight! He was 6 pounds, 13 ounces and 20" long at birth.

Here is a short version of the birth story:

I spent the day on the 14th in early labour, we went to the mall in the evening to walk around, and then headed to the hospital around 8pm. My doctor showed up to check me and took one look at my face, and said "This isn't it...you're not in labour.". I was so angry to hear that!! She checked me anyways, and was surprised to see that I had dilated to 2cm. She swept my membranes (wow, that was painful) and then said I could either head home, or walk the halls of the hospital for a couple hours and she would come back to see if things progressed. We decided to stay and see what happened.

The very first contraction I had after she swept my membranes felt different...so much bigger. From that point on, I progressed very rapidly. I was only able to walk for about 15 minutes, and within the hour I was on my hands and knees in the waiting room. (We weren't even admitted to the hospital yet, so had no room). My partner was absolutely amazing, and he set up a somewhat private corner in the room for me to labour in. By the time the doctor arrived back to check me, I was screaming and moaning, and I didn't even notice that she had arrived. She checked me at 11:00pm, and I was 9cm. So in two hours I went from 2 to 9! She quickly got us into a room, and I was pushing for the next three hours. I never would have guessed it was that long. When Ben was placed on my stomach I didn't feel anything like I thought I was going to...it just felt right, but I didn't feel overwhelmed. I had thought at that point I would be bawling my eyes out, but I was much more calm and at peace.

Although it was really hard, I had an amazing birth experience. Everything turned out like I had hoped, and I was able to do it without any drugs which makes me feel so good. Not that they would have given me anything in the waiting room if I had wanted it! I was lucky that active labour went so quickly.

Here are our photos so far: Ben's first few days

Congrats to all the mamas with their new babes, and good luck to those still waiting!!

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Awwwww....he's so cute!

I can't believe you went all that time without your own labor room, a labor nurse, or even privacy!! Kudos galore to your birth partner and especially to you! What an incredible story.

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Good job, Erin!!!!
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Congratulations on the arrival of Benjamin! Wow, you labored in the waiting room! Good thing you didn't go home from the hospital when the doctor said you weren't ready.
Best wishes to you and your baby. Off to look at photos now!
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Congratulations! What an amazing story. I can't believe you spent so long in the waiting room. Amazing. I hope you have a blissful babymoon!
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