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homeopathic remedies for "growing pains" at night?

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my son is having "growing pains" again. he wakes up in the middle of the night crying about his leg and asking us to rub it for him. last night he must have woken up 10 times. we tried some arnica, which gave him enough relief to fall asleep for about 2 hours, but then he woke up again.

anything else homeopathic i can try?
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I would give him magnesium throughout the course of the day. That will definitely help with the pain. You could even do an epsom salt soak right before bed. Does he have any other issues? Eczema? Diarrhea? Sometimes growing pains are exacerbated by food sensitivities.
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I think firefaery is definitely more of an expert than I, but we give our daughter Calms Forte:
On the bottle, it lists growing pains as one symptom it relieves.

I had HORRIBLE growing pains while growing up all the way through college. Watching my daughter suffer through it is very hard for me. Keeping the leg warm helped and the best thing is just going back to sleep. Easier said than done, I kow!
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Magnesium will help with the inflammation and the spasms. I forgot to say also that you could rub tamanu oil or arnica gel on the sore spots too.
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Eating foods with a high potassium content will help some as well.
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You could try hot compresses or baths, or ice to numb the nerves.
I had it bad too, my mom used to wrap my knees...can't remember if it helped but that stretching pain ooooh.

I'd take dc to a chiro. and get some exercises.
I had shoe orthodics and wore braces when I played sports just tensor elastic ones but I am not sure why but probably if I remember to stop me from pulling the muscles and adding to it all...
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you could try calcarea phos. do you have a repertory and/or remedy guide?
if not, do a google on this remedy and see if it's a good match to your son.

let me know and good luck!
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Calc. Phos. is generally for growing pains. But calcium/magnesium can help correct it too. www.abchomeopathy.com has a pretty good search.
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