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Symptoms Anyone?

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None here yet, other than high temps and missing AF. I wasn't really sick with ds, so I'm hoping this go-round will be the same. I'm only 4 weeks 4 days, but I can still be optimistic, can't I?
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I am already having some symptoms and I'm just about at 2 weeks (from ovulation). I have gotten horrid morning sickness (hyperemesis) with my others though. My symptoms so far are ; tiredness, hunger, sore breast/bigger (not too bad though and my ds still bf's once a day), bloating, a little bit of nausea, light headedness, zits, cramping some, and very very emotional.
Since you didn't get sick last time you probably won't this time. I would be optimistic if I was you!!!

Are you counting from ovulation or LMP?

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I'm exhausted all the time, and can't stop yawning!
I'm nauseated on and off.
My nipples just got sore this morning (noticed it when DS came in for his morning milkies.)
I'm burping more often.
I think my body's getting ahead of itself, because my belly's already getting bigger (and I don't think it was the s'mores).
I have some minor cramping.
I have food cravings. (see prior comment about s'mores)
My memory is already starting to suffer! What was I going to do today?
Oh, and I've already started "nesting" a bit. Went ahead and got some maternity clothes from ebay, and I have already picked out the first clothes I'm buying for this one. And, I'm trying to think of a name for my fetus. My DS was "Maki" until he was born. Right now we're calling this one "Tadpole" but I don't know how long that will last...

Yeah, I'm probably getting ahead of myself. I'm just really excited!
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I am already thinking about buying some cloth diapers and I bought a baby outfit very on sale (it cost $2) before I even new I was pregnant (but I guess I did know on some level).

I am super excited too and hoping like mad I don't get so sick this time!!
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I hope you don't get so sick this time, too!

Look! I changed my sigline! And it's not at all political (for once!)
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I want to wait just a bit longer to change my siggy , maybe until Fri. I want to be officailly late before I tell anyone (besides all of you ). My Af isn't even due until Thurs. I ovulate early in my cylce so I'm more preg than I should be at this point (according to the standard pg crap). Does that even make sense, I think I might be a tad too tired too think right.
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Hi, Pageta!!

I'm naseous, but mostly I just wanted to pop in and say YAY! for graduating. BTW - what's your DD? I can't remember. Sorry. Not tryin' to hijack your thread. . .
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Ok so I am 3 weeks now. Still no tiredness or morning sickness... I just keep waiting, and hoping maybe I will be lucky... My breasts are so sore! and alot fuller, and I have been so conscious of being more hungery, and I know exactly what I want to eat! My husband is laughing, because I made lunch and dinner today (he usually cooks) and wow it was wierd combinations.
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Just crampy and mildly nauseous, but not enough that I would say it is really different from normal.
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I just noticed another symptom last night - DS self-weaned in January but I still had a bit of milk (after 2 1/2 years of nursing). Well, I've noticed that my breasts have gotten a little bigger, and last night I checked for milk and I am bone-dry. It's kind of an odd feeling after 2 1/2 years of being able to get something out when I squeeze. And when I lean forward and put my arms in front of my chest, my breasts keep getting in the way. I really don't want to have to buy new bras, but I may have to. Ugh!

I am fighting fatigue off-and-on as well. Some days I do fine and get all sorts of things done, and other days, I don't have the energy for anything. I was going to make Chicken Pot Pie Tuesday evening and it kept getting postposned because I was too tired until I finally made it Thursday evening.

Oh, and some of my pants are a little snug (the ones without stretch), but it's hard to say if it's because I'm fat or because I'm pregnant.
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Oh yeah! I just remembered another symptom. Much to my hubby's chagrin, I have NO sex drive whatsoever! Normally I am actually fairly randy. I promised him some for his birthday March 1, lol, but he said he'll wait til whenever I want. I feel so sorry for him though lol!
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my breasts are sore and more full (why i took a pg test in the first place)

and im exhausted!

thats all for now.

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