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Lots of people have already said this, but I just wanted to commend you on being such an attuned and proactive mama. I really believe that your daughter will get through this much more easily because you are handling it so well.

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I'm so sorry mama. You're living one of my worst nightmares. I too believe that you have done and are doing exactly the right thing.
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I'm so sorry, hugs to both you and your dd.
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You're doing the right thing, Mama
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I'm very glad to hear the military is letting him come home early. I think that is a show for the 'new' military and the respect for families and the roles of fathers in the family. Your dd needs to know that not all 'boys/men' are 'bad', yet at the same time know and understand there are bad people out there and always to be cautious even with family and friends -- it's a hard place to be in I'm sure. B/c adult women can attest to the untrusting nature their abuse played in their lives, some of it for the better and some of it caused much pain in the relationship area.

Again, I am so happy for you that your dh is coming home so you all can be together. I hope that you all as a family will be seeking counseling as a way to go through the healing process.

My prayers go out to you and your family.
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I am also glad the Corps is letting him come home early... s and prayers for you all as you go through this. Demob isn't fun to begin with, and with a huge tragedy like this at the same time.... much love and prayers from here
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oh mama, I am soo sorry this has happened!!!! your family will be in my prayers~~~~~~blessings~~~~~
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As for the OP...

Your sweet DD will get through this and she can be healthy, trusting, loving and happy.

Despite my own abuse when I was younger and the other horrors I went through as a young woman, I am doing pretty darn good.

My oldest daughter, Marrissa, struggled with her abuse and a mental illness. The combination of the two were more than she could take and we lost her to suicide in 2003.

My other two girls, despite their abuse and the loss of their sister have blossomed. One is a 3.9 GPA student in school, active in her ASL group and planning on being a nurse. The younger one loves school, her friends, and life. She is always smiling and laughing. Both have healed very well with love, therapy, the ability to talk about it if and when they needed to and in knowing they were safe in their homes and in the world.

You are a loving mom and with you and your dh at her side, she will come through this.

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USMCbaby s to you and your family. You sound like you are being incredibly strong.

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sending healing vibes to your daughter and strength vibes to you. i am so sorry to hear this. you are doing all the right things. a million and one hugs to you!
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Oh mama You are so strong. God Bless You.
Everyone here is with you, you did such a good thing contacting a PO right away. That will go a long way for you dd. If dd is talking about it with you, then she will talk about it with someone else. Then the boy will be held responsible. Most likely he was also molested, so maybe his perpetrator will also be held responsible. No matter what, you have done what you can to protect your child, and by talking about it and dealing with it, your dd will be able to get on with life as a child.

Children are amazing, and what they can deal with and process and still be happy and healthy children is amazing. Of course she has been tramatized, but with yours and your dh help, she will get through it. Be sure to get some counsiling for yourself, it is going to be tough when the baby comes. Don't forget to take care of you.
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I just wanted to say I am so glad your dh will be able to come home soon! Sending lots and lots of thoughts of support, healing and strength.

And I second my emotion of you doing a good job for your dd, she is lucky to have such an intuitive mama who advocates for her.
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This makes me so sad. You're doing the right thing mama. I'll pray for your dd and your family.
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You did and are doing a great job. I know my dh would be like the dh that is posting on here (but I don't think he'd stop at knocking the kid's teeth out). But you're wise to let the system do their job and take care of your dd. **HUGS**
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This thread has been cleaned up a bit. If you notice a post of your missing, it was removed most likely due to quoting or responding to posts that needed to be removed for violations.


Mama, how are things today?
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continued hugs and prayers.............
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It breaks my heart to hear what has happened to your darling daughter and your family. How difficult this must be to bear while you wait for your DH to arrive safely home.

I hope that you can find some relief and comfort in the community here. I've been amazed myself during some difficult times to realize how much the thoughts and prayers of "strangers" on line could mean to me. We are here for you, mama! Its important to have a place where you can share your thoughts and feelings, especially since the confidentiality of the situation must be maintained, at least for the short term, to best protect your daughter. I hope that you can find some resources to help YOU through this too. Can the authorities help direct you to councilling for you, or do you have a local parent's support phone line?

I too am so impressed with your clarity of thought, and how you trusted your instincts and acted quickly and decisively. Your actions will speak so loudly to your daugther. Hopefully that is what she will take away from the situation - that her mother trusts her, listens to her, that she is so, so precious and loved very, very, very much.
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I'm so sorry, mama. You are doing the right thing.
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I am so sorry mama. sending love and positive vibes to you and your DD. It sounds like you are handling the situation very well, I admire your strength. Good for you for reporting it, I hope this guy is put away and never allowed near another child again. You may have just saved several other children from being abused.
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I'm so sorry your family is going through this mama!
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